The Binondo Food Wok-ing Tour

I enjoy anything that is food……..I am a food technologist (non practicing though), loves to experiment on different recipes, a voracious reader of any article on food, its history, comments etc….most of all enjoys trying new dishes. I have been fascinated with Chinese food, its way of cooking, unusual ingredients etc. and have dreamed of joining the Binondo Food Wok Tour of Ivan Man Dy.

Last 13 March 2010 I had the opportunity to join this walking tour. After our National OTOP Congress, I extended my stay in Manila for a few hours to experience the Binondo Food Wok. My other companions opted to tour Divisoria searching for new blouses for our “uniform” and other goodies.

Checked out early from the Trader’s Hotel, left my luggage with the concierge, took the orange jeep up to Taft Avenue and boarded an aircon bus to Sta. Cruz. Our meeting place is outside the Binondo Church….I had a leisurely walk following the whole stretch Ongpin. I was so happy to meet a friend (Gleda Lim, our former COA Auditor) who is also joining the tour.

The Tour starts with a briefing at the Plaza in front of the Binondo Church.

Ivan Man Dy stresses a point during the briefing.

Kiampong is salted rice with peanuts and scallions. Its goes well with fish ball soup. The drink is iced brewed coffee but I opted for cold water.

Next stop is dumplings! They make the dumplings near the door of the eating place and it is fascinating to watch them skillfully making the different types of dumplings plus the pancake.

By this time, my stomach is already full with the rice and dumplings. Next stop is a small store that offers siopao and bicho plus other delicacies. We were introduced to this type of siopao where there is no paper at the bottom as the siopao is fried rather than steamed. As soon the the lower portion turned golden brown, water is added (as in the picture) and covered. The steam cooks the whole batch of siopao. It is made of ground pork with chives…simple taste but delicious.

The fried pancake is made of ground pork with vegetables and delicious with hot sauce. The dumplings are boiled rather than steamed. There are two types: pork with chives and pork with shrimps. Namit gid!

The last stop is a hard to find lumpia house inside an old building. The Chinese lady is preparing the large fresh lumpia when we came in. These are made of vegetables and an odd looking black ingredient which is seaweeds.

The lumpia is really huge (sorry not a very good picture). We were given only a portion of the whole roll but I was only able to take a few bites. It was wrapped together with the siopao for my merienda at the airport. The lumpia is also very good!

These are sweet potatoes from Taiwan.

I love cherries but can not afford the price at P800 per kilogram!

This is one of the Churches in Manila where I have never entered as I just always pass by on my way to Juan Luna. The church is well maintained ans is the shrine of San Lorenzo Ruiz.


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