Marissa’s Birthday Celebration in Carles, Iloilo

We went to Carles on 08 May 2010 to join Marissa Betita celebrate her birthday. It was also our fiesta (Senor San Miguel-actually the feast day is 29 September but was transferred to May 8 as September is not an abundant month) but I opted to join Rose Molina, Luzette Teruel, Vianney Sombillon and Rene Fullon for a long drive to Carles. We were supposed to start early but as always we were one hour late in taking off from Iloilo Supermart Molo (our meeting place).

Our topics were very varied but mostly focused on the different candidates for the 10 May 2010 election. We observed that we can identify the town just by looking at the political posters along the way.

View from Atty. Raul Betita Beach Resort

We proceeded to the beach resort for Birthday Lunch! The coastal area of Carles can be seen from the resort, which is on top of a hill. The El Nino really affected the plants in the area. The trees are showing new leaves due to the recent rains but it was too hot and very humid. No sea breeze at all.

Another view from the Resort


Prayer before the Meal

We were already eating when a lot of people started coming. We thought that the food might not be enough for the "non-stop" stream of people coming with the Betita candidates. But... Marissa's crew are expert in serving a large crowd! The food just kept on coming...nobody left without eating!

Boxes of Chocolate for Dessert

Melting Butter Icing!

Just imagine how hot it was that day……the cake with butter icing brought by Rose just melted and oozed into the table! We can’t resist the imported chocolates but most has melted. The left picture shows the box with the chocolates that still retained the form.

The "guests" with the Birthday girl

Another picture with the Birthday girl


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