Plants in our Backyard

Our backyard used to be so orderly when we were kids. Our Lola Tali (Catalina) would always be sweeping the whole area so that no leaves or even stray grasses or weeds can be seen.  She sweeps even under the trees!  Once in a while she hires a neighbor to do cleaning on areas which she can not do.  There are fruit trees (mango, balimbing, caimito, pomelo, guavas, chico, etc.).  There are also coffee that provides constant supply of ground native coffee and cacao for the tablea.







Ground Orchids

Very "cute" Ground Orchids











Every year, as soon as the coffee berries ripen, we were all tasked to harvest the cconsider it work.  We used to build our playhouse under the coffee trees.  Tatay would boil (I don’t know if it affected the flavor) the berries and when cooled would remove the skin and wash the beans. These are sundried and when these are dry enough we remove another skin individually by hand.  It was a very laid back life….we have lots of time to gather in the afternoon with the “kalalaw” (a bamboo tray) filled with dried beans which we “skin”.  Lola would keep the green coffee and from time to time roast a batch for the native brewed coffee which Tatay likes to drink.


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