Remembering our “Dear Departed”

November 1 & 2 are very important dates in the Philippines where we put importance on our loved ones who has passed away.  November 1 is All Saints day – a day for the saints but this has evolved into a day for our departed love ones!  Nov 2 is really the All Souls Day……..maybe we have no choice but to remember the dead on  Nov 1 as it is the day declared as Official Holiday.  It has been my task to provide the flowers and candles for relatives we visit during this celebration.

For this year, I have to “suffer” the high prices of flowers in Iloilo City as we have no opportunity to be in Cebu where flowers are plentiful and very affordable.  I was planning to visit “Dangwa” in Manila as this is the bagsakan for flowers but I am not familiar with the place and the flowers might not be in good condition by November 1.  We were in Manila October 25-30, 2011 for a training.

Preparation of Flower Arrangements early in the morning

Out of the meager supply of flowers I have I was able to come up with six arrangements for our dear departed.

Six Arrangements ready for "delivery"

We have a plot for the “olds” in San Miguel Catholic Cemetery.  The bones of Lola Tali ang Lolo Felix are there.  Nanay was intered there in 2006 and Tatay in 2007.

The "Olds" at the San MIguel Catholic Cemetery

The Gonzales family are interred in separate plots at the Garden of Ascencion in Pavia, Iloilo.

Garden of Ascencion

Gina was first interred in the plot owned by my mother-in-law…i wanted Sildo to be in San Miguel but she offered the plot.


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