Via Crucis (Good Friday) 2013

This year’s Good Friday Via Crucis features several new images in carrozas (Pasos).  Our parish priest Monsignor Joemarie Delgado requested if the people of San Miguel can complete these images for the Good Friday procession.

The new images are that of San Lazaro, image of the fallen Christ, Jesus Christ meets Mary and the crucified Christ.  There are still several images that have already been “taken” by the families in San Miguel to complete the 27 to 29 Pasos.




Salome (?) This is a new Paso.

San Lazaro

San Lazaro (new)


This is an existing image that has joined the Procession ever since I can remember but this year they changed the carroza.  This image is always well lit and well decorated.  Mark and I joined the procession behind this image.



Jesus Christ meets Mary (?).  This is a new Paso.


Jesus the Nazarene carrying the Cross. (new)





Fall of Jesus Christ. (new)




Crucified Christ


Santo Intiero in carroza bedecked with red roses and white orchids.

Red roses & White orchids

Red roses and white orchids

Procession about to start

Procession about to start..

Monsignor Delgado with the acolytes, lay ministers etc.

Monsignor Delgado with the acolytes, lay ministers, etc. following the Santo Intiero.


Santo Intiero with the 11 Apostles


Virgen Dolorosa

Santo Intiero followed by the Dolorosa

The Virgen Dolorosa follows the Santo Intiero.




Hopefully next year I will have a better camera so I can capture more beautiful images.  Pictures were taken using a Samsung S2.


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