Mini Reunion with Friends in Bacolod City

Glenda is in the country for a two-month vacation…and we had a very simple but enjoyable get-together with BFFs in Bacolod City. Glenda, Rosie and I were always together when I was assigned in Negros Occidental.  We do our groceries together (using Rosie’s credit card :-D), eat lunch together, and search for ukay finds.  When Glenda transferred to her new house, she always brings food good for two …. I just add one dish and we always enjoy our lunch together (Rosie & Serge, Glenda, Weng and myself) with 1.5 liter Coke!

Though I was not happy with the assignment (my husband health started to deteriorate at that time)…it was compensated by my friends.  Leting was with us during the first year….even with the situation at the Office at time we managed to enjoy especially after office hours when Glenda and Leting would but fish at the market, have it grilled and we enjoy it with San Mig Light!!

First stop……….SM City Bacolod Prestige Lounge.  Wow Rosie earned a prestige card from SM.

Second stop…I have been dreaming of eating Sharyn’s Kansi in Shopping.

Lunch date with Rosie, Glady and Glenda


Beef bones boiled with batuan......super sarap with all the cholesterol goodness

Beef bones boiled with batuan……super sarap with all the cholesterol goodness

Third stop ….. The District Mall..Ayala in Talisay.  Dessert at Calea…..blueberry cheesecake, chocolate cake and mud pie…so yummy!! No picture 😦

Fourth stop…Back to SM City to look for my light green blouse and blouse/t-shirt for Glenda.  No light green blouse on sale 😦 and no blouse can fir Glenda!! She settled for an ordinary Micky Mouse t-shirt.

Last stop for the day………to Rosie’s place.  Still lots of conversations, laughter and eating!!!

Second day…..we lanned to take the 9:50 Weesam trip to Iloilo but since we still have a lot of chichat….we decided to take whatever Weesam trip for the day.  Rosie’s family decided to attend the 5:30pm service instead of 9:30am.

First stop……Rode the Lambor……to Bacolod Chicken Deli at Lacson Street.  It opens at 11:00 so we decided to proceed to SM City.  Serge mentioned that chicken at the Bacolod branch is not as good as in Lacson………..and I agree with him!

Going back to Iloilo at 2:50 trip……ate Fiorgellato (pistachio and fromagio flavors) at the Weesam terminal.  Pistachio flavor is so artificail 😦

Heard mass at the San Jose Parish………proceeded to Robinson’s Iloilo for some groceries and back to San Miguel via Savannah.

What an enjoyable weekend!!!


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