Volkswagen Beetle (Kaefer)

My late husband loves Volkswagen.  Our first car was an old Beetle we purchased for P17,000 in 1988.


Our first VW Beetle with Jan and Mark

Our first VW Beetle with Jan and Mark

The old VW Beetle became a beautiful collectible as a result of constant repair and updating of his parts and body.  He started collecting WV magazines to be able to get new ideas on restoring old beetles.  The yellow beetle was transformed into this:

Bluebird...with the two boys in our new home

Bluebird…with the two boys in our new home


Bluebirds Engine (old)

Bluebirds Engine (old)

Soon he was looking for an older model.  He got the old VW of his uncle in Roxas City but since the car is too rusted, he was only able to get a few good parts from it.  He was able to purchase an old model 1956…and he transformed to beetle into another beauty….Cherrypie (the color is a bit near cherry pink).  After going through all the old pictures, it was sad to discover that we do not have a good photo of Cherry Pie :-(.  Our second son also love cars and also gimmicks with his friends.  In one of these night outs, he was going home to his Lola’s house via Molo Plaza.  While he was turning near Molo cemetery, the car conked out.  He was about to start it again when he was surprised to see people running towards the car.  The engine of Cherrypie is on fire!   It was a good thing, the car was recognized by a relative who is on duty at the Molo Police Station.  He alerted the fire station, jumped on a car and followed Cherrypie with the burning engine.  Cherrypie was saved from being totally burned…and of course our son too!

My husband had it repaired including the body but we were never able to restore it.

BLuebird and Cherry Pie in our garage

Bluebird and Cherrypie in our garage

Sildo with his beloved Bluebird

Sildo with his beloved Bluebird

We wanted to keep this collectible cars but by the time Cherrypie was burned my husband was already suffering from many ailments.  This progressed to kidney failure…thus there was really no money to maintain the cars.

After my husband left us in 2009, we decided to sell Cherrypie so we can pay off some of the debts we incurred as a result of his lingering illness.  In 2010, a downpayment was already given but the next day, the buyer has to take it back as a member of the family got sick.  From then on, there were a lot of inquiries but no serious buyer.  Maybe my husband wants us to retain Cherrypie.

Last month, another buyer came and wanted to buy Cherrypie……we had to let her go so we can repair Bluebird.  Its sad to see a loved vehicle go but as the time goes by its body is being eaten by rust and I can have no means to repair it.

Today Bluebird has been repaired, a lot more needed to restore it to its original beauty plus its registration.




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