Antique – Where the Mountains meet the Sea.

Since I was assigned in Antique last year, I have been going around the province and marveling at the beautiful countryside.  The province is so serene and abounds with natural sights like rivers, waterfalls.  It has not really developed much economically compared to the other provinces in Panay Island, majority of the population remains poor and there is still an exodus of sugarworkers (sacadas) going to Negros Island or Batangas to look for work.  With proper guidance and management, a lot can be done to help the people earn a decent living from the bountiful natural resources of the province.  We are hopeful that the new projects of government can really assist the people improve their sources of income.

The following are pictures I have taken while on our way to turn over checks to LGUs and visit SMEs.

The best eating place in the province is you are looking for authentic native chicken adobo is Florings.  I have heard by this roadside eatery a long time ago when my late husband still covers Antique.  He was raving about the delicious chicken adobo.  We were able to eat at Florings in 2005, still in its old location near the national highway after the Bugasong Bridge.  Since then it has transferred to another area, near the approach of the same bridge.  It was wiped out by Yolanda but since the eatery is made of light materials, it was able to construct a new one days after the typhoon.


Native Chicken Adobo

A plateful of hot newly cooked native chicken adobo, with cups of rice and hot chicken soup.  A delicious breakfast before we proceed to our official visits.

adobo close up

Yummy chicken adobo with bits of chicken liver and lot of sinful oil floating in its sauce.

one of the many bridges

One of the many bridges of the province.  There are so many rivers from the mountains emptying into the sea thus there is a need for these bridges.  I have not counted or researched the total number of bridges.  Several years ago, these are still made of wood and there were incidents  of accidents where vehicles feel into the river as the wooden bridge gave way especially during storms.  Since then, the road network of the province has improved a lot.  It has now the best road network in Panay Island. The following pictures show the very good roads in the province with not traffic!  It is a joy to travel as you can reach your destination without the delay of traffic.

good roads

good roads2


no traffic

A lone Ceres bus ahead of us….mountains can be seen in the distance.

Antique countryside

Ricefields, with mountains that are just very near.

field and mountains2

barbaza road by the shore

One side of the whole stretch of the province is coastal.  This is a portion of Barbaza where the road is very near the shore.  Another very good view of the coastal road is in Anini-y.  I will get a picture nest time we visit the place.

road network going north

Another picture of the road network in the north.

Pandan bellfry

Bellfry of the Church in Pandan.  Took this picture inside our vehicle while a staff is transacting business in the Municipal Hall.


Serene coastal communities in the town of Sebaste.

acacia trees in Patnongon

These are the acacia tress lining the road in Patnongon.  I took a picture of the acacia trees in Bgy. Carit-an where there is legend of the beautiful fairy Olayra visiting the place, but when I viewed the picture it was not there. Maybe the “residents” do not want to take pictures of the place Stories said that Olayra has a ship made of gold and it visits the place once in a while.  She lives in a grand mansion among the acacia trees in the area. When we passed by the place again, I was sitting at the back so I was not able to take very good pictures.  This time, I got pictures not very good ones……Next week we will be back north, I will again try to take pictures from our vehicle.


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