Unboxing My BDJ September Box

This is the first time that I bought a BDJ Box….for September.  I saw this among the posts of bloggers especially those that are reviewing beauty and make up products.  Since September is my birth month..why not try this. It is so easy…..I paid through a BDO branch, and my payment was acknowledged.  I saw on Facebook that September boxes were already dispatched several days ago.  I tracked my box…and saw detailed transaction.  Thank you BDJ for being reliable.  Now for the box…..

This was delivered to our Office in Iloilo City.  Since I am assigned in a different province I only got the package last September 25 during our Stress Management Seminar. I was so excited to open it, though I already know the contents of the September box from other posts.


 The Packagebox

The BDJ Box

open boxMe with my open BDJ Box

opened boxNice presentation…I should not have read the posts of other bloggers.

contentsBDJ September Box


Contents of the Box….will post details later.

I am so excited and happy with the contents of the Box.  I am using the Cream Silk conditioner, happy to find to Jergens lotion and the Ponds.  I will use the Godiva products and see if my skin will not breakout. I have used the Ponds product but stopped…maybe this time I will use it for a longer time and see the result. I have very sensitive skin and despite my age I still get blackheads and acne once in a while.  I have to be careful with skincare products that I use.  It is expensive to have treatments with my dermatologist.

Fanny Serrano eye liner gel and eye makeupI was excited as I saw the Fanny Serrano gel eyeliner and eyeshadow as these very good reviews in blogs that I read..  I was shocked when I opened the eyeshadow pack……its broken huhuhu.  I would have loved the brown, gold or cream color but this shade of blue is also nice……despite being broken I tried it and the effect on me is good.  Sorry I don’t post my pictures with the make up.  This was broken probably after I have opened the box and I did not return it in its proper position when I brought the box home.

Thanks a lot BDJ box……I am so happy with my first BDJ box.


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