2015 Good Friday Procession

I have been documenting our Good Friday Procession since 2009 and has posted it here in my Blog.  Those interested you can look here 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014.  This year I wanted to add the Molo pasos and carrozas but I did the Visita Iglesia in the morning and it will be several more hours wait before the start of the procession.  I was able to get photos of the those in Mandurriao but I am sure these are not complete.

This year’s Procession in our town is bigger (more people) and more pasos.  Most are new as we had only a few in 2009.  I know that the Santo Intierro and Virgin Dolorosa and San Pedro have been there since I was a little girl.

Acolytes/altar boys

Acolytes/altar boys

The procession was about to start when I arrived and there were a lot of people.  I wanted to take a picture of the Santo Intierro up close but it was not yet arrived.

church facade

We are renovating…more of constructing our Church…this is the facade.

Devotees waiting for start of procesion Devotees  waiting for the start of the Procession.

before start

The different carrozas with the pasos


Altar Knights

St. John the Evangelist

St. John the Evangelist

Thriumphant Entry

Triumphant Entry

Jesus in the Garden of Olives

Jesus in the Garden of Olives

Agony in the Garden

Agony in the Garden

Betrayal of Jesus

Betrayal of Jesus

to be continued…..


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