The Sunday Currently Number 1

I saw this post in the blog of the current biggest star of Philippine Kalyeserye Maine Mendoza and I was really interested.  So this is the my first post on my thoughts this Sunday 20 September 2015.

Sundays are always busy days for me (So sorry…this should be a rest day) as it is our market day and I am home only on weekends.

Reading lots of blogs and posts related to the current loveteam ALDUB :-D. It seems I am back to my teenage years wherein I love watching loveteams on TV. Well, it took a lot of monotony in the current noontime shows. I started reading a pocket book Treasures of Venice…don’t know when I will finish it.

Writing this blog.  It takes me a long time to come up with new posts though I have a lot in my mind.

Listening To the falling rain…a few minutes ago.  Thank God it stopped as I have to go to the city for some errands.

Thinking  0f the coming week as we have a lot of activities, SME Summit, APEC Meeting, our Regional Trade Fair Panublion and our ROG Assembly.  This is the first time that though there are a lot of activities….I am here at home writing a blog :-(.

Smelling the ripe guavas I harvested in our backyard.  The children love the ripe pungent guava!

Wishing for time and money to attend to the needs of my son before he flies to the UK on Wednesday to start his first job.

Hoping I can buy a bargain cocktail dress for our evening activity during the ROG Assembly.

Wearing a Uniqlo Tinkerbell tshirt and maong pants…ready to go.

Loving Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards…waaaaaa……how can a near senior lady do this!!!

Wanting to help everybody preparing for the activities.

Needing money to pay bills huhuhu and send my son for his trip.

Feeling tired but I need to go to the city.

Clicking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for new feeds regarding ALDUB…CRAAZZZYYY!

Okay..its done hope I can do this regulary every Sunday.  It kis a nice feeling!!  Thanks Maine Mendoza and Siddathornton.







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