The Sunday Currently No. 2

I should have done this yesterday but our internet at home is down.  Oh PLDT…when can we have a good internet connection?

Reading:  Not done any reading as was too tired after a hectic week with all the Summits, Assemblies and trips we have done.

Writing: No writing done…tried to do a post on my blog for The Sunday Currently but no luck with our internet connection.

Listening to the noise of the children running around.

Thinking a lot about my son who now is working on a cruise ship.  This is the first time that I have no updates from him.  Was able to talk to him late in the afternoon and found out that he had blisters due to his safety shoes.

Smelling the ripe guavas I stored in the refrigerator as I was planning to cook guava jelly.

Wishing I have enough energy to arrange all my things.  It takes a long time for me to loon for something as things are jumbled every time I have to rush to go somewhere.

Hoping that there will be ways that I can get in touch with my son.

Wearing my house clothes, shorts and tshirts and new pedicure (later in the evening) ..neon blue!

Loving the feel of new bed sheets, just lying around and watching movies and documentaries on TV.

Wanting more healthy food…fruits and vegetables so that I can trim my weight.  A colleague told me that my face have “bloated” and I have grown fat huhuhu.

Needing more rest to cure my sore throat and cough. I avoid taking medicines, just lots of water, warm lemon juice with honey.

Feeling lonely…missed my sons. I have moved on since my husband left I don’t think anymore that I miss him.

Clicking the Office’s Nikon camera to shoot what I have cooked…but pictures are not good.  I still need to learn how to use the camera.

Those are the things I did last Sunday.  Thanks again Siddathorton for the idea.  I will not link this post with your blog as I did this Monday already.  I will try to do better next Sunday :-).








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