The Sunday Currently No. 3

This will be my third post for the Sunday currently….as in the blog of Siddathorton.  I hope this time I can link with her blog.

Reading the usual blogs I am following…Fashion Pulis, Market Manila, She Did it Anyway and Chuvaness.  There are other blogs I am following but for the past few weeks I have been occupied with reading about the current ALDUB :-D.  I have not read my pocketbooks as I was attached by vertigo.

Writing this blog post.

Listening to Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho on television…at the moment its lots of advertisement.

Thinking whether I will really consult a doctor tomorrow for my vertigo as it seems it has already gone. Hate waiting in hospital lobbies for time to be with the Doctor then go through a lot of tests before final diagnosis can be done.  My last check up was 2013 yet.

Smelling Bath and Bodyworks White Citrus.

Wishing I can talk or chat with my son who is now in Gran Canaria in Spain where the cruise ship Britannia (where he works as a Commis) is docked at the moment.

Hoping our travel order to Davao will be approved by our Usec. so we can visit coffee farms and processing centers in the area and most of all eat lots of durian!! I really love going to other has been quite sometime since I have a travel outside the region.

Wearing my favorite sleeveless top with flower printed shorts.

Loving the time we had yesterday with my former highschool classmates.  Lots of fun eating, going to the new campus of our school, eating pan de siosa with butter and coffee in the house of another classmate.

Wanting to be healthy and not experience the vertigo again.

Needing to eat more healthy food, lots of exercise, drink lots of water and rest, rest, rest.

Feeling again a little bit lonely as I was not able chat with son.  I am alone at home, thank you for the television which keeps me company.

Clicking Kalyeserye replay of yesterday’s episode.  Love the kilig feeling between Alden and Maine.


2 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently No. 3

    • Hi Nica, It took me along time to reply. Thanks for the comment. Yes I was able to go to Davao. You may be interested to read my post. By the way, I wanted to read your blog but I can not access it due to our Web Filtration mechanism. I will try to access when I’m at home.

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