The Sunday Currently No.4

The past week was too busy, tiring but enjoyable week for me.  I’ll be writing a separate blog on this as soon as I have downloaded the pictures.  I was able to recharge last Friday and yesterday and today I am ready to face another week at the Office.

Reading Internal Quality Audit Reports that I need to put in a powerpoint presentation for our Management Review tomorrow.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening to NatGeo People Channel…. I usually do this…turn on TV to my favorite Channel…do something else and turn my attention back to the TV if something interesting is on.  I am very happy as I was able to access some Channels since last night.  Maybe Skycable forgot to reconfigure to the regular channels I subscribed.  I think I will add NatGeo People.

Thinking of the IQA report that I will still make for our Management Review tomorrow. I think I need to update all the files in my google drive so I will not have a hard time getting all the reports.  I still have to do another report regarding ISO 9001:2015 but I can not access anymore  the file sent to us. I have to do it at the Office tomorrow.

Smelling durian everytime I open the freezer.  Ate a lot of the fruit last week…I just love it.  A friend gave 5 packs of frozen durian …thank you very much!!! I’ll share some with my officemates tomorrow.

Wishing our PC is okay as I am not comfortable using this netbook.  I had it repaired but after a month it is not functioning again…maybe there is something wrong with the hardware.  Anyway, my son will be home this coming January…he can repair it.  Wishing also that out internet connection will be better (wishfull thinking).  The Philippines has the worst internet connection despite availability of very  good telecommunication infrastructure.  TELCOs are only concerned with their profit…NTC seem not doing anything about this :-(.

Hoping for a good week ahead.  I need another massage after all the tiring trips we had in Davao.

Wearing my houseclothes, old tshirt and shorts.

Loving my newly dyed hair.

Needing to do more house cleaning especially the room of the two boys which I have converted to storerooms.  I also need to buy that contraption which I can hang my clothes as it can not fit in my cabinet.  Too many clothes but nothing to wear.  I need to do 5S so I can get rid of the clothes that I am not wearing anymore.  There are still a lot of my husbands clothes that I have not given away.

Feeling happy as I was able to speak with my son.  So happy that he has now adjusted to his work.  Thank you Lord.

Clicking my Office 365 email account to download reports.

Happy Sunday everybody.  Siddathornton has no Sunday Currently post so I can not link this with her blog.



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