The Sunday Currently No.5

A relatively busy the past days…and facing another super busy weeks ahead.  Catch up time for all our targets.

Reading King and Maxwell by David Baldacci.  So happy that I got another David Baldacci from my favorite second hand bookstore..Booksale.  I have to wait for these second hand books as new ones are too expensive.  After reading the book…it stays in my bookshelves as I am the only one fond of reading at home :-(.  I have lost so many books from thoughtless borrowers who forgot to return…most are bought brand new several years ago.  Now I do not offer to lend my books anymore unless I am assured that it will be returned.

Writing this blogspost.  I still have to revise a project proposal but that has to wait until tomorrow at the Office.

Listening to the falling rain….Typhoon Lando is devastating Luzon…though there is no Typhoon signal in our place once in a while we experience heavy rain with strong winds.  Lords please protect us. Amen.

Thinking of how I will manage to pay all my bills and the tuition of my niece at the same time. I am getting nearer to my goal of paying all the credit I have incurred since my late husbands illness and the training of my son.

Smelling the durian that is still in my freezer.  Is till have one and a half plastic container left. Yuuummm. I eat only a small portion at a time….hypertension.

Wishing I have more time to speak with my son.  We were able to exchange messages via FB Chat.  He sent his pictures taken when they were in Rome.  So happy for you my dear.  Able to see places at the same earn an income.

Hoping but most of all praying that all our plans will be implemented.  We still have 4 SSFs to implement!!

Wanting to join a group for the training on landscape photography……but I do not have the funds.  Next year…I will really try to go…or maybe enroll in Photography classes in a university here in our place.

Needing more time, money, rest….so I can accomplish what I have started. Really, really need to finish a crosstitch of Our Mother of Perpetual Help that I started twenty-seven years ago!!! Yes I am so much older than most who do blogs 😀

Feeling excited for next weeks Eat Bulaga at the Philippine Arena.  I am an ALDUB fan!!!

Clicking FB to see what are the latest posts…and of course the current position of MV Britannia where my son is working.

Happy Sunday to all.  By the way I attended Mass for the first time in Molo, Iloilo City.  Wow, Father Boy Celis officiated and I feel I was in heaven with all the wonderful songs.  The female saints are back in church.





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