The Sunday Currently No. 6

This weekend has been crazy!!!! I can not imagine myself being bitten by this ALDUB bug.  I did my chores early so I can can watch the ALDUB Sa Tamang Panahon Concert.  A lot of people (not only me) are going crazy watching this two lovable couple. Not able to enjoy it fully as our Cable Provider is acting strangely…it is owned by the competitor.  Anyway, despite the bad reception I was able to watch the show and enjoyed every minute of it.  Some may have a different opinion but that is my feeling.  Watching the show makes me feel good and I am amazed by the reactions of the audience. As I said it is crazy…beyond explanation.

Reading still King and Maxwell by David Baldacci.  I stayed late a few night ago reading up to Chapter 36.  Thank you to my landlady, they installed a generator thus I was able to read comfortably despite power interruption.  I wanted to finish reading the book but my eyes can not take that much beating anymore.  I will tell you a secret….I will be a senior citizen next year hahaha but never have I felt so young.  Never mind the blurred vision and some pains in the shoulders and back.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening to the sound of the fans of my son’s old PC .  I hope it will not die again before I finish this post.

Thinking of our upcoming project.  Can renovation be finished by November so we can launch it?  We have a lot of things to do, purchase equipment, furniture and other supplies, etc.

Smelling the detergent I used to wash my clothes…it smells so clean.  I hate fabric conditioners that have very strong sent.  It makes my head ache and triggers my allergic rhinitis.

Wishing I have a new computer st home to I can do a lot more work and have regular posts in my blog. At the same time wishing for better internet connection.

Hoping and of course praying that my staff will accept and understand why she as not promoted.

Wearing my uniform house clothes, sleeveless shirt and flowery shorts.

Loving Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards.  Maine especially as I feel she is the daughter that I do not have.

Wanting more fruits but I was not able to go to market today.  I am alone at home and there are still a lot of food in the freezer.  I need to spend less.

Needing more time (always) to do a lot of things.

Feeling happy and proud.  Posted a picture of my son with guests of the Cruise ship where he is working in Facebook.  Like Maine Mendoza, he is a Culinary Arts Graduate (Certificate only and the Bachelor of Science/arts course).

Clicking FashionPulis Website to get updates on AlDUB (hahahaha…crazy GrandMa!!..but I do not have my own grandchild yet :-D).

I really enjoy doing the Sunday Currently.  Thanks again Siddathornton.


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