The Sunday Currently No.7

The past week including this weekend has been very hectic. A lot of things to do at the Office to catch up with our 2015 targets.  Also, today Nov. 1, is All Saint’s Day here in the Philippines…but this is also the time a lot of people flock to the cemeteries to offer flowers and light candles for the dear departed.  Tomorrow is All Soul’s Day…this is supposed to be real day where we pray for the souls…..but ever since, November 1 is the regular holiday (today it falls on a Sunday…but sad tomorrow has not been declared a holiday).  I applied for a leave but alas…somewhere along the way my paper was buried in a lot of “garbage” in our Clerk’s table…and it was not sent to the Regional Office fr processing…….so I have to be back to the Office tomorrow…instead of sleeping for a few more hours.

Reading…I still have not finished David Baldacci’s King and Maxwell……I have a lot of other things to attend to.  And the book is hard bound so I find it heavy to bring with me to Antique (place where I work).

Writing my payables for the end of the month and first week of November.  Tryng to balance my income with expenses.

Listening to the falling of the rain…….It has been cloudy since early this morning.  Thank you Lord for the rain….our plants really need it.  We are expecting the very strong El Nino (almost no rain due to effect of winds and temperate, etc in the Pacific) so even if it is inconvenient we happily welcome the rain. Hopefully the candles we lighted were not extinguished by the rain..I bought candles with covers to protect from the wind and of course rain. I think it has always been raining every All Saint’s Day.

Thinking of how I will handle our Clerk.

Smelling the flowers.  I bought flowers yesterday to be arranged to all our dearly departed.  The scent make me remember the wake of the Mother, Father and husband…….miss all of them.  Much more this year as our van is not functioning and my son is away for his work.  I had a hard time doing everything…but I can do it…has done almost half of the chores for today :-D.

Wishing for guidance and patience to handle hard headed people.

Hoping to enjoy our Team Building and Stress Management activity next week at Campuestohan in Bacolod City.

Wearing tshirt and maong pants.

Loving the food I cooked for breakfast…….grilled tuna belly, sauteed ampalaya (bittergourd) with egg and fried rice..yummy.

Wanting a more steady and faster internet connection at home. Please PLDT improve your service.  My eldest son is coming this January and hopes to start another on line job….but how can he do it at home with intermittent and slow internet!  Only in the Philippines :-(.

Needing my Vacation…………

Feeling happy that the PC is working well….was able to watch replays of my favorite Kalyeserye. I really love Maine Mendoza…well Alden is okay, he is so handsome and I hope and pray that he has genuine feelings for Maine.

Clicking updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to know latest updates regarding my favorite ALDUB hahaha.

My link is usually posted on the past week post of Siddathorton………..well, the Philippines is ahead by 24 hours(?) as I usually do my blog in the middle of the day but I am happy to see my posts linked with Siddathorton…Thank You!







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