The Sunday Currently No. 8

I am so tired this Sunday as we had our Stress Management and Teambuilding activity in Campuestohan Highland Resort in Talisay Negros Occ.  I was able to reach home yesterday late in the afternoon and I have to rush to attend the anticipated mass.  I like attending this mass as the choir is okay and the mass is in English.  In addition, the Church is not full unlike the regular masses during Sundays when people are overflowing.

Reading nothing as I just want to sleep but we have a lot of things to do.  It’s my niece’s 18th birthday and she is having a simple debut in my house.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening to the noise of the children outside.  They are so noisy….anyway since we are preparing for a party…I think its okay.

Thinking of how I will configure my new iphone6.  6S is available but I am hesitant to buy it as there might be bugs that were not discovered yet.

Smelling fried chicken :-D.

Wishing I have the time to lie don and sleep as my back is aching.

Hoping I can really rest tomorrow.  I will be on leave!

Wearing t-shirt and flowery shorts.

Loving my office mates and we had a successful activity and everybody enjoyed….the first time since we started as a national organization here in the region.

Wanting to lie down.

Needing my rest. I really can not take a lot of hard activities anymore.  My age is showing :-D.

Feeling happy….still the effect of our activity.

Clicking FB and my favorite blogs earlier this day.





Link to Siddathorton





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