The Sunday Currently No. 9

This weekend is a bit slow as I was able to catch up with some housework.  Next week is a different matter as we have to submit our 2016 indicative work and financial plan.  It is still indicative as we need to come up with proposals but we have to submit realistic budgets.

Reading news about the tragic bombing in Paris.  Praying for the safety of all peace loving people in the world.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening to nothing…..just silence.  The children (my nieces and grandchildren from my niece and nephew) are not around and I am alone at home.  A bit feeling melancholy but that’s life when you are about to turn senior 🙂

Thinking of how I will be able to come up with a realistic budget for 2016.  My staff are overloaded with a lot of work, we have a lot to catch up and the year is about to end.

Smelling the virgin coconut oil that I used for my hair.

Wishing for more inspiration so I can update my blog.

Hoping that I can have good full body massage next week.  The following week will be very busy as I have to attend a workshop and a conference in different parts of the country.

Wearing an old t-shirt and shorts.

Loving my favorite loveteam ALDUB.  I enjoyed yesterday’s show…praying for guidance for the two famous persons.  May the Lord continue to bless them and keep them from harm.  Praying also that Alden will remain a Catholic. Imagine I love watching replays of their show.  It something that can enliven me in this chaotic world.

Wanting more fruits and vegetables.

Needing to lessen my food intake.  I did it a few weeks back but since we had workshops in a hotel with sumptuous buffet, my tummy has expanded again.  I eat only small portions but all the calories that I eat seem not to be burned and are deposited as fats :-(.

Feeling happy as I got my pistachio nuts from my son in Dubai.  I also tried the new laptop he sent….he will be using it for his online job next year.

Clicking my favorite game Criminal Case.  I am already in level 8 and in Bayou Bleu.  This game relieves the monotony of doing a lot of work at the Office and at home.

Happy Weekend everybody.  I noticed more are joining Siddathorton in sharing their TSCs.


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