The Sunday Currently No. 10

I was not able to post last Sunday November 22 as I was too busy preparing for the two conferences that I will be attending the coming week.  I have to leave for Manila last Sunday afternoon to attend a two-day workshop on Global Value Chain.  Going back to Iloilo on Wednesday morning and then in the afternoon I have to fly to Cagayan de Oro to attend the 14th Career Executive Service Conference.  Whew….I should have taken the Manila-Cagayan de Oro flight but I already have a ticket for Iloilo-Cagayan de Oro.  So, super jetsetter for the week!

It is a holiday tomorrow (National Heroes Day) so I have a lot of time in the evening to do websurfing and blogging.

Reading Robert Ludlum’s Materese Countdown.  I started reading Robert Ludlum’s book when I first started working with the Small Business Assistance Center through an officemate who shared the story of the first book he read.  From then on I was hooked although some of the stories have very vivid and bloody fights.  I like the way he builds up the story and in those years I would read up to the wee hours of the morning.  But now, I only read a few chapters at time as my eyes can no take the stress anymore.  I like reading the printed books rather than ebooks. I have twelve books out of the 22 books published by Robert Ludlum.  There are a lot more books credited to him after he died, one, The Sigma Protocol, the last novel he wrote before he died and four more that is in his name, though this was already written by other authors.

Writing this blogpost

Listening to the concert of four stars on television – from my room.  I am in my sons room using his PC.

Thinking of what I will answer to the text message of my boss regarding assistance we need from our Foreign Trade Service Corps and what sectors will we push for more participation in the Global Value Chain. Our province has small even micro entrepreneuers…so how can we participate??? think think think

Wearing an old blouse and floral shorts.

Loving…. Maine and Alden as they are back in each other arms.  hahaha…thinking of global economy and the latest and hottest loveteam!! Crazy

Wanting to relax and watch a movie on cable TV but Skycable is down again.

Needing the will power to sort and arrange my things which I have dumped in the rooms of my two sons.

Feeling contended…..ate my comfort foods today.  Boiled saba banana with butter of course and coffee with milk (don’t like the 3 in 1 coffee provided by the….it tasted like dust yuck I have to add instant coffee)

Clicking replays of Kalyeserye and Sunday Pinasaya (only portions where Alden is (only the first part as I hate the screaming ladies/girls that are picked to eat what Alden and his partner has cooked..can they be more ladylike please)  plus Kantaririt…I find the other portions boring or overacting). Plus of course another replay of Kalyeserye hehehe.

There are already a lot who are linking with Siddathorton…Thanks again for this…I always enjoy doing Sunday Currently.



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