Recent Food Trips (Part 1)

I am always excited everytime I have a trip to other parts of the country or the world (very seldom) and I get to taste different kinds of food.  Ever since I was a child, I am fascinated with food, cooking, ingredients…anything related with food.  That is why I took up Food Technology in college as I like the way it sounds (hahaha) and of course I get to study outside Iloilo.  During my high school days I am more inclined towards the the course really fits me.  The BS Food Technology course in UP Diliman has subjects that involves cooking but the Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry subjects are grouped with the College of Engineering.  I hate Math and it also hates me.  My boyfriend at that time (who of course became my husband) enrolled at UPLB while I was at UP Diliman.  UPLB also offers BS Food Technology and it is only a four year course compared to five years in Diliman.  So…I transferred to UPLB….I did not regret the decision as I was exposed to other fields, like dairy and food microbiology (my major subjects).  From then on my love affair with food widened.  Not only was I exposed to the technology of processing food..but I also continued my love for cooking.  At that time it did not really enter my mind to go into Culinary as I felt it is not really a course…I need to have a Bachelor’s Degree.  I started collecting recipes, trying it out during summer breaks but I have not yet ventured into cooking as I feel I can not cook well.  Everytime I cook, it seems to be a disaster…people at home does not like the taste of my cooking……later I realized that my parents are very traditional in their taste that is why nobody appreciated my cooking style.  I only got to practice cooking when we already had our own house and need to cook for my little family.

Wow that is a long introduction for this post…

I left last Sunday for Manila with my officemate.  Our flight was two hours delayed…thank Cebu Pacific :-(.  We arrived in our hotel very hungry.  We are very near Century Mall thus I searched for the dining possibilities.  I am not very fond of fusion food..and there are a lot of offering in the Mall. We went to Ikkoryu Fokuoka Ramen.  I was very excited to try their ramen and see how it compares to Ramen Nagi. I ordered I think Aka Tonkutso Ramen.


We read how Ramen should be eaten and followed it a bit.  At the first taste, I ws a bit disappointed as it is not as flavorful as Ramen Nagi..but maybe at that time the flavors have not yet blended as I continue eating it became flavorful. But I think Ramen Nagi is still the best.  The tonkutso is quite salty.  As usual, I can not finish the whole bowl of Ramen and I felt not too good as I have lessened my food intake since I was attacked by vertigo a few months ago.  I asked my friend that we have to buy SevenUp and Yakult as I am afraid that I will have indigestion and have vertigo again. Well, SevenUp is not available at Rustan’s Supermarket so I have to be contended with Yakult.

The following day I ate a very light breakfast at the hotel as my stomach is still bothering me.  Our conference was a Dusit Thani Hotel and the food is okay …can be improved in terms of taste but presentation is very good.  I wanted to upload pictures from my iphone but it seems I can not access it using the PC.  Need to look into how I will do this.

To make it simple, I uploaded the pictures in my FB page and saved the pictures in the PC.  Sharing these pictures of food at Dusit Thani.

Morning snacks. Ham and cheese sandwich with petit fruit pastry (sorry don't know how its called)

Morning snacks. Ham and cheese sandwich with petit fruit pastry (sorry don’t know how its called)

Chicken with saffron rice (original name is long forgot to note it sown)

Chicken with mashed potato medallions (original name is long forgot to note it down).  I have eaten already a portion before I remembered to take a picture.

Second day morning snacks.  Smoked salmon with cucumber mini sandwiches (so yummy) with choco madeleines

Second day morning snacks. Smoked salmon with cucumber mini sandwiches (so yummy) with choco madeleines (too sweet)Second Day Menu

Second Day Menu

Roasted eggplant in inihaw na talong na cheese at kamatis.

Roasted eggplant chuchu….as in inihaw na talong na cheese at kamatis. Lacks ummph…needs more calamansi juice.

Lapulapuwith saffron rice

Steamed Lapulapu and mussels with saffron rice (fish is bland but at least it is not cream dory).  I like the saffron rice.


Bread and butter Pudding flavored with Batangas Chocolate.. just okay.  Strawberry is sweet though even if the color is pale.

In the evening, we met up with friends and ate at Tim Ho Wan in Glorietta.  I have read a lot about the food at Tim Ho Wan and I wanted to eat there when I was in Makati last September but there was a long line waiting to be seated. It was a good thing there was no more line when we were there.  We ordered prawn dumplings, pork ribs with black beans, spinach dumplings, chicken feet, glutinous rice in lotus leaf and spring rol with egg white.  Everything is flavorful and we all liked it.  The taste is so clean and not oily like other chinese food.  The glutinous rice in lotus leaf is okay but I find the local machang we buy at a Chinese Bakery here in Iloilo tastes so much better.  Sorry, I was so excited to eat that I forgot to take pictures.  Thumbs up for Tim Ho Wan.  I will bring my son here in January when he arrives from Dubai.

The following evening, my friend and I wanted a light meal.  We went to Landmark Supermarket to see if we can buy some fruits but decided that we will try some of the dining places at the Ayala Triangle. We passed by Blackbird but of course the prices here are way beyond our budget.  There were not so many dining places here and most are full….only one area is not full and that is Poco Deli.  I have read about the food at Poco Deli and we decided to try their Sausage and Cheese Platter.  Well the single platter costs P400 and consists of one three types of sausages and I think also three types of cheeses.

Poco Deli

It was okay for us as we were not really hungry.  The Nuernberger sausage is a bit dry but the other two are delicious.  The house brewed iced tea is not so good as it is flavored with Kirsch (cherry) tastes like antibiotic (that’s how we refer to food we dont like when we were in Germany) but the Citrus Delight is good good!  After eating, we decided to walk back to our hotel on the other end of Makati Avenue.

I flew to Cagayan de Oro Wednesday afternoon to attend the Career Executive Service Conference… this will be in my next post.


2 thoughts on “Recent Food Trips (Part 1)

  1. Hi… Where do you buy machang in Iloilo city? My stomach is growling while I was reading your post…. I am also from Iloilo & an Aldub fan…😉

    • Hi you can buy frozen machang at Eskimo Bakeshop along Aldeguer Street. You can call earlier and order so they can steam it.

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