Food Trips (Part 2)

I flew to Cagayan de Oro Wednesday afternoon to attend the 14th CES Conference to be held at the Xavier Estates Country Club.  We had a very good reception at the airport courtesy of Land Transportation Office Region 10.  We were ushered to the VIP lounge, had orange juice and fruits…the  off we go to Xavier estates for the registration via Rural Tours (owned by Vallacar Corporation).  The new airport (Languindingan is far from the city…it took us more than an hour to reach Xavier estates despite the LTO convoy (CDO is also beset by heavy traffic problems.  We have really not seen the area as it was already dark.  Registration was quite a hassle as there were problems with our payments but was also resolved.  Then back to the bus to our different hotels.  We were the last and we have to walk at the back of the hotel as the bus can not access the front portion of the hotel (DTI 10 booked at Mallberry Suites).  The layout of CDO is confusing..even the malls are designed differently.  We had a hard time getting our bearings.

By the time we were ready to go out for dinner….it was already 9PM and it was raining! We had no choice but try one of the hotels restaurant the Rosso (It is supposed to be Italian).  Browsing the menu for a light meal…..salad is not good…so decided on the lightest pasta…Spaghetti Putanesca (my favorite pasta).  Ermie ordered Sardines Pasta and Corn Soup while Dads ordered their steak plus Chicken wings.


I was surprised that their Putanesca had mushrooms and ham…Well it is a different Putanesca….they used tomato paste (you can really taste that instead of whole tomatoes they used the paste bleh!!). I only encountered a few black olives, seems there are no capers and I doubt if there are anchovies.  Ermie said the sardines are okay although quite spicy, the corn soup seems to have no corn and Dads steak is Bleh!!!

Food at the Xavier Resort is never mind………….

We went back to the hotel and not waited for the dinner at Xavier.  We roamed around Limketkai Center looking for an eating place.  We passed by Pizza Republic and saw that there are lots of customers and the pizza looks yummy.  After buying some things we need and saw that most of the eating places are the same fast food..we decided to try Pizza Republic.  This is our made to order Pizza…forgot the name….but I included pastrami, bacon, ham, lots of olives, onions and of course herbs and spices.

Our version of the Pizza..yummy!!

Our version of the Pizza..yummy!!

Pizza Republic at the Limketkai Center

Pizza Republic at the Limketkai Center

Really enjoyed our Pizza…the hot sauce is really hot and I think this is the first tomato ketchup that I liked.

Second day, the food is not worth writing about…..Most of the dishes are smothered in sauce and they taste the same.  Blehhhh. We paid P7,000 each for the Conference and we get lousy food.


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