The Sunday Currently No. 11

This is a relatively quiet weekend .  I got to enjoy watching TV, do some housework, sleep and gardening.

Reading..still The Matarese Countdown.  I have been visiting Booksale several times but they do not have stocks of the books I like.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening…to the sound of the old PCs fans.  It is so quiet .. people are still doing their siesta maybe and the kids are not around.

Thinking of projects we still need to implement. I will be very disappointed if we can not implement our three Shared Service Facilities and it is the fault of one person who failed to act on this matter on time.  Our beneficiaries should have enjoyed the benefits of these facilities people are more concerned on helping rather than thinking of themselves.

Smelling vinegar from the ampalaya salad I made earlier.  Enjoyed the salad with y arroz a la Cubana (super comfort food).  I used to order this a lot when I was taking my Masters Degree.  Food at the school canteen is quite expensive so we go out of the campus and buy from ambulant vendors tasty and cheap lunch.  Well, they were safe probably as not one of us fell ill from always eating lunch wrapped in plastics hahaha.

Wishing I had a longer and clearer conversation with my son last night.  Forgot to tell him about things borrowed and has not been returned.

Hoping to get a lot more work done before the Christmas holidays.

Wearing old tshirt and printed shorts (My uniform at home)

Loving Maine and Alden (again!!) in yesterday’s Kalyeserye.

Wanting more time to exercise and sleep.

Needing to loose weight (hahaha).

Feeling sleepy but find it too hot to sleep.

Clicking FB, Twitter regarding updates of my favorite Loveteam. Feeling overprotective for this two young people who were brought together in a television show. Feel na feel ko pagiging Nanay sa kanila..much more for Maine.



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