The Sunday Currently No. 12

This weekend is so busy…Got home from a Workshop in Boracay at around 4pm.  Hear anticipated Mass, third Sunday of Advent..Gaudete Sunday.

Reading the December issue of Yes Magazine with the Special Collector’s Edition of Sa Tamang Panahon.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening to…nothing…silence.  Its already midnight when I switched on the PC.

Thinking of our coming Year-end Assessment and Christmas Party.  I already bought my floral blouse :-D.

Smelling my freshly washed hair.

Wishing we have more time before the year ends.

Hoping for a brighter, peaceful (with the upcoming election!!) and fruitful 2016.

Wearing old sleeveless blouse and shorts.

Loving ALDUB episodes at Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. Love you Maine Mendoza!!

Wanting more time for vacation and rest.

Needing to get up early in a few hours to travel back to my place of work.

Feeling sleepy.

Clicking earlier Twitter

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