The Sunday Currently No. 13

Reading a few of my favorite blogs, Fashion Pulis, She Did It Anyway, Market Manila, Lia’s Food Journey.  These are the blogs that I follow and read their new posts.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening to Kapuso Jessica Soho.  I can hear the television from my room.  I am using the PC in my son’s room.

Thinking of my new place of assignment.  I have been praying that whatever the outcome of our new assignments…it is God’s will and the best option for me at the moment.  Among my colleagues, I really do not have a very valid reason to request for a specific place of assignment.  I am free as a bird.

Smelling the vinegar that I used to dunk the oysters we ate earlier.  Really enjoyed our boodle fight…in remembrance of the life of my late husband.  Miss him so much.

Wishing that I will have strength to do housecleaning before the end of the year.  This weekend I was only able to sort and clean a portion of my cabinet.  So many 5S more.

Hoping to finish my business early at the Regional Office so I can return to San Jose by lunchtime.  I still have to pick up my canvass bag with umbrella at the baggage counter of Iloilo Supermart Atrium.  I forgot it yesterday.

Wearing as usual old thirst with printed shorts.

Loving the interviews and write up about Maine Mendoza.  A lolo shared in an interview with Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho that he is also wondering why he became a fan of Maine….maybe is true, not the regular showbiss personality, humble.  I so loved the write up on Philippine Star by Bum Tenorio, Jr. I feel so happy that I am not alone (in my age group) that really loves this young lady.

Wanting a lot of time to do things I love…..reading. cross stitch, cooking, surfing the net, maybe writing.

Needing sleep.

Feeling emotional this past days…its nearing Christmas and this is also the time my husband left us six years ago.

Clicking Market Manila blog and read their company Christmas Party.

I wanted to link this to Siddathorton but she has not updated her posts lately.  I will only acknowledge that I got the idea of the Sunday Currently from her blog.  Actually I first read the Sunday currently from the blog of Maine Mendoza which has a lik to Siddathorton’s Blog.


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