Reflections on 2015

The seconds, minutes, hours, days and months went by so quickly and in a few hours we will start another new year.  Welcome 2016!!

2015 is a relatively easy year for me. The usual difficulties and challenges in life were encountered but most are relatively easy to handle compared to what I have undergone before.  Thank you Lord for helping me overcome all these and for giving a relatively easy year.

My second son joined a Cruise ship..his first real job and he is adjusting to the hectic schedule in the kitchen.  My eldest will be coming home end of January 2016 after testing the waters of UAE in 2014. Thank you Lord for guiding my sons.

We got our biggest reprieve at the Office when a new Officer-in-Charge was appointed.  Things became clearer, we are happier and we were able to do a lot more.  We still have to face the challenge of an UNSATISFACTORY rating for 2014!! How can a Director get an unsatisfactory rating yet the Office was rated GOOD.  The elation of having a new OIC ended when we were asked who wishes to be assigned in Negros Occidental.  Everybody has their reason why they should not be assigned there…either sick, somebody int eh family is sic, can not travel, has to attend to old and sick parent…… I do not have a debilitating illness (or else I will retire), my sons are to around and they are adults anyway, I have no husband, no more parents….just me and myself….and I am free as a bird.  So, got the Memorandum Order of my reassignment last Dec. 23….what a Christmas gift Lord!  I have entrusted my assignment to the Lord and prayed that whatever assignment I will i will be the best for me. Financially, it is not the best as I have to pay more for my travel from Iloilo to Bacolod and back every weekend. They said, the Office needs a Provincial Director…..can I handle the job…well, I did it before with much more problems.  I CAN DO IT!  I know some are not happy with my assignment there but they or he/she are a small part of the whole organization.

One thing that really changed my life this year is the entrance of s new star…MAINE MENDOZA.  I saw the first day she joined EAT BULAGA, I was intrigued, but became more interested when she was partnered with ALDEN RICHARDS. I am not very interested with GMA stars….I follow a few ABS CBN stars like Piolo Pascual (OH he is so gwapo), Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla (I like this to watch them in movies and Teleserye).  Alden is just one of the so guapo guys(though I like actors that are a bit rugged…he is too clean and a bit too boyish) GMA is building up..he seems to be in almost all the shows….he even went to Antique for the opening of Robinsons (that was July 15)….but did not really create that much stir.  Maja Salvador was the one mobbed by the audience when she came the following day.  The following day, July 16…..ALDUB was born.  I researched  about Maine and discovered her blog.  I was so interested in her that I scoured the internet for any information I can get about her.  I felt so happy to read about her life………she is the daughter that long to have (not the famous actress but the simple Maine). My interest was further fueled by the fact that she is a Culinary Arts graduate (It is one of my interests, anything that has to do with food)…..I encouraged my son to enroll in a Culinary Arts training after several years of not completing his Nursing Degree.  I raised the money to pay for his expensive training…it was a good things that he is also interested.  Unlike Maine who does not like cooking, my son enjoys cooking and loves exploring new recipes.

When I was a teenager…,it was Nora-Vilma craze…there are a lot of us in the dorm that are Noranians but I did not join the group to watch Nora movies together with other fans club…medyo denial na Noranian hahaha.  This time, who would believe that I joined a Mainsters fans Club here in Iloilo!! Well, I have not physically joined the group as I am too busy but I was able to get souvenirs and most of all I bought two tickets for a block screening of MY Bebe Love.  Well, I will never waste y money an on Vic Soto and Ai-Ai movie..but for Maine Mendoza…okay lang :-D. I am collecting magazines where Maine and of course Alden are featured. Am I crazy…well maybe…but a lot of other people are doing the same thing.


The souvenir pillow during the Mainsters Iloilo Christmas party.


Magazines and a few pins.  I am still looking for a copy of the Meg Magazine where only Maine is featured plus of course the Life Style Asia Magazine and the January issue of Yes magazine.

Goodbye 2015…………Welcome 2016!!


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