The Sunday Currently No. 14

Oh Wow what a crazy weekend and start of 2016!  Happy New Year Everybody!! Since yesterday afternoon after Eat Bulaga (minus two hours when I attended anticipated Sunday Mass..The Epiphany), I was glued to my iphone and PC! It’s all over social media that despite the efforts made by Maine Mendoza for Alden Richards birthday…she was bashed bigtime for not listening when he was saying his Thank You piece to her.  I tweeted, retweeted, looked at profiles all for the love of Maine, even those who bashed her.  Crazy isn’t it?? An almost senior citizen going gaga over a twenty-year old neophyte actress! Well, I discovered I am not alone…I met a lot of professionals in Twitter all rooting for Maine.  I had a chat with a fellow UPLB Alumnus who is also a fan! Isn’t it AMAZING???

Early morning, did my laundry and now glued to this PC since 7:14AM!

Reading social media, blogs and other write in the internet about Maine Mendoza

Writing this blogpost and copying my pins (should not do so..but since I am almost senior I always forget)

Listening to hum of the PC, the tweets of the birds outside, a distant music playing.

Thinking of Maine Mendoza and how she feels after the bashing she got for not concentrating on what the idolized Alden Richards was saying..thanking her.  Dimwitted blinded by idolatry for a boyish pretty boy.  I like them as ALDUB, but as times goes on, I can sense something different with the pretty boy. Maybe since he was treated as Tisoy, guapo, since birth he lacks the emotional quotient to respond to subtle forms of “love”.  I maybe wrong as I really do not know the boy.  He seems sincere in their shows but he is a good actor and has been in showbiz for quite some time. Again there are some signals that a perceptive person can discern..that it is maybe just for reel for him.

Smelling garlic from the fried rice that I am cooking.

Wishing for a more successful career for Maine and other work not joined with Alden so that each can shine on their own.

Hoping for a







I was not able to finish this blogpost but I will post it anyway.  Our PLDT DSL at home has been acting so bad after Christmas that I was not able to do a decent internet work.  Emailed PLDT customercare and kudos to PLDT, the response of their technical team is muchf aster if you call 171.  The technician went to our house on a Sunday, changed the model (my modem is still new!!), and told me that is already okay..BUT definely we will not good service.  We need to upgrade our plan so we can avail of the fiber optic service. So..go to the upgraded plan..its only a few hundred pesos difference.  Hoping that we will have better internet service sooon.


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