The Sunday Currently No. 15

It has been quite a while since I last posted the Sunday Currently blog.  I also checked on Siddathorton and her last post was Jan. 6, 2016.  Anyway I have been very busy since I was transferred to another province.  Then our internet at home just conked out.  PLDT changed the modem but internet connection was so unstable that you can not do a decent work.  Our new PLDT Fibr connection started working about three weeks ago but I had a lot of work that I really have no time to sit in front of the PC to update my blog.  In addition, I became very active on twitter…all for Maine Mendoza 😀

Reading I started reading the book A Royal Duty by Paul Burrel but I was only into a few pages.  I can not seem to concentrate on reading as I am always too tired or too sleepy.  I got sick two weeks ago and until now I have not fully recovered.  Oh the woes of someone who is nearing senior years.

Writing our Calendar of Activities for 2016.  It seems there are only a few activities that are very important.  I still need to go over the implementation of our BUB projects which are way behind schedule.

Listening to the clicking of the keyboards, the PC I am using and the laptop of my son.  He arrived two weeks ago from Dubai.

Thinking of the current situation of  Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards.  I do not want to over analyze the recent happening…the Valentine Date they had in Taal Vista Hotel where Maine read her poem for Alden.  Well, it is Kalyeserye, not a real date as a lot of fans want it to be. A lot are saying that the poem of Maine reflects what she really feels…I would tend to believe too.  Maybe she is really falling for her reel partner…and she is afraid that she might again get hurt.  A lot has been written about the relationship of this two…all I can say is…I still believe that Alden is not showing his real feelings towards Maine.  He is always in his acting mode and I believe that he is as Alden in Kalyeserye who is in love with Divina.  The Maine and Richard relationship is I think not a reality.  There are several of us (we have our own group) that believe that Alden is only using Maine for his career.

Smelling the Malagos Chocolate I am eating.  It is 65% dark chocolate and it is so delicious!! Imagine, our very own chocolate and an award winning one.  I hope Malagos will be able to produce more of this and we an buy this here in our place and not only in Davao.  Long live the Philippine Cacao Industry!

Wishing that I will have more time to do my blog.  I have a lot of things in my mind that I want to share here but I seem not to find the time to compose my mind and write.

Hoping that I can address all the problems that our office is facing at moment.  I need to sweep all the bad things done last year.  It gets to be very tiring and until now I am still asking myself why it needed my action to put things in order.  I am really hoping for  relatively easy  work before I retire….but at the rate problems keep cropping up…I will have my hands full.

Wearing my favorite old t-shirt and printed shorts.

Loving my newly trimmed hair.

Wanting a lot of time to sleep!!

Needing time to rest!!

Feeling a little better after I have taken some medicines for my cough.

Clicking Official Gazette of the Philippines and checking again declared holidays to be able to synchronize with our planned activities.

I will only acknowledge Siddathorton as the one that gave the idea and inspiration to do the Sunday currently.



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