The Sunday Currently No. 16

This weekend is relatively slow as I was able to do a lot of housework and rest at the same time.  In addition, I was able to watch Eat Bulaga and join the twitter party discussing about Maine Mendoza. Alden Richards is an appendage.

Reading still the Royal Duty by Paul Burrel.  I have done only a few pages before I fall asleep.  Oh the woes of a senior citizen.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening to the television in my room regarding Presidential Debates while I am working on the PC in our living room :-D.  Environmentalists would kill me hahahaha. I tried livestreaming in the PC but the site hangs…maybe someone is using our wifi and is watching Youtube or downloading something.

Thinking again …of Maine Mendoza.  I pity her as it seems she is only being used by the camp of Alden to pursue his career.  Maybe she has genuine feelings for Alden but lately I have noticed that she is also not too happy with their interaction on TV. TAPE and GMA seem not to be doing something to push fort her career as she is always paired with Alden….maybe they are squeezing whatever profit they can get from the popularity of the tandem.  But as time goes by, lots of Maine only fans are disillusioned as it becomes very obvious that Alden is not interested to pursue any special relationship with Maine.  That is okay but he should have declared that the ligawan is only in Kalyeserye and not on the personal level.  There is blur between the reel and real relationship at the rate things are going.

Smelling the smoke from the burning garbage and leaves…sorry again environmentalists…there are just too many dried leaves around our backyard and compost peat can not handle the volume aside from the fact that it is too dry these days thus composting would take a long time.

Wishing that Maine Mendoza’ career would continue to move in an upward direction without the loveteam that is being forced.

Hoping  that the whole electorate will be able to choose the best for all elective positions in the country much more for the President.

Wearing the usual “uniform” of printed shorts and old tshirts.

Loving James and Nadine.  I am not a fan but I really felt the kilig when they appeared in ASAP. They started as only reel partners, became a loveteam and have bee honest with their relationship along the way.  Surely love developed between them as they are constantly together doing their on the Wings of Love and other projects.  I see genuine love in they way James looks at Nadine, the way he puts his hand on her shoulders…nakaka in love :-).  A lot hoped that ALDUB will develop into this but sad to say….the other half is just not feeling something.  They should admit that their relationship is only reel and not let the fans hope for the real thing.  Surely fans will still support them if they are honest.

Wanting a cold cold  glass of orange juice.

Needing more time for rest.

Feeling happy.  I can not still get over the happiness I felt for James and Nadine.

Clicking twitter and joining in #PilipinasDebates2016.


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