The Sunday Currently No. 17

I had a long weekend as I was on leave after the EDSA holiday last Thursday.  I went home from Bacolod last Thursday morning and already did my errands in the City before going home.  Was able to rest and do a bit of housecleaning.

Reading, At first Sight by Nicholas Sparks.  I was intrigued by this author as he is Maine’s favorite.  I looked for one in Booksale but was only able to get one in Bacolod last week.  It is expensive to buy new ones at the National Bookstore.  It is a romantic novel and I have read a romance novel for a long time.  I have outgrown this type of stories but I wanted to see what type of stories fascinates Maine.  This is the first time that I read a romantic novel by a male author thus naturally it most written mostly from the point of view of the male lead in the story.  I find it a bit boring but the story built up by Chapter eight (I think).  I am more than halfway and is a bit predictable.  It is indeed suited for teenager and young adults.  I started my love affair with books when I was about five or six years old.  My aunt gave me books used in Grade 1 and 2 and these are in Hiligaynon..referred to as Mother tongue nowadays.  When I learned to red, I would read the stories over and over again.  I did not childrens books or coloring books but I have a lot of Readers Digest, Time and Life magazines that I browse.  In grade four, I enrolled in a Laboratory School for Teachers and the library was filled with wonderful books.  I read about Lorna Doone, got hold of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys.  Another Aunt gifted me with classic books like Jane Eyre.  My wish at that time was to have a complete set of Nancy Drew but I never owned one.  I did not ask from my parents to buy me the books.  In Grace five my father bought us our first Encyclopedia.  Wow how I love to read almost everything but most especially general information about other countries.   I also started reading romance novels, Mills and Boone and Barbara Cartland.  At that time these books are still very wholesome.  In high school, I started buying my own novels…how we love China Rose because we can get our favorite romantic authors there.  In college, it is still the same romantic novels, once in a while there are also other types of books that I read.  I was introduced to espionage (Robert Ludlum) when I was already working.  Then stories about lawyers by John Grisham, then David Baldacci and Dan Brown.

Writing this blogpost but earlier I also wrote a blog remembering my Tatay on his 90th birthday.

Listening the hum of the television in my room where my son is watching a movie.

Thinking of our coming surveillance audit.  Maybe this time we will not have a Non-Conformity.

Smelling the conditioner from my newly dyed hair.

Wishing that I still have a lot of energy to do a lot of things that I love.  But I seem to get tire easily thus I am taking things a bit slowly.

Hoping that I will really have the will to clean the house.  A lot of things need to be sorted, thrown or given away.

Wearing sleeveless blouse and printed walking shorts.

Loving my iphone. It is so easy to use, take pictures, upload.  Before, Iw ould use the DSLR camera ( it is so heavy I still have not really learned to use it), download in the PC before I an upload.

Wanting nothing much at the moment.

Needing to review our IQA results and NCRs to we will be ready for the surveillance audit.

Feeling happy as we enjoyed our boodle fight celebrating Tatay’s birthday.

Clicking facebook..playing Criminal Case.

Thank Siddathorton for this Sunday Currently blogs.  She has not updated her blog since January 6 thus I will acknowledge her rather than linking this post to her blog.


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