A Birthday Tribute to a Phenomenal Lady

Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza, a name that almost everybody here in the Philippines is very familiar with.

Grabbed picture from @mainedcm. This is her picture that I like best.

Grabbed picture from @mainedcm. This is her picture that I like best.

She is turning 21 this coming 3rd March 2016, and as a great fan I am dedicating this blogpost to her.

I was able to watch the first segment in Eat Bulaga where she was featured as Divina Ursula Bokbokova Smash, or Yaya Dub, the Yaya of Dona Nidora Zobeyala vda. de Explorer.  I did not find Yaya Dub beautiful and did not really strike me as somebody special.  I thought that she is just one of the extras of Eat Bulaga.  I seldom watch variety shows as I find it noisy and boring but I enjoy the portion where the trio JoWaPao go to the barangay and give prizes to the person whose phone number was called.  I think I was also able to watch the segment where she and Alden first met and where the pabebe wave was born.  I was amazed by the transformation on her face when she saw Alden watching her and did the pabebe wave.  At that  instance I saw a hidden beauty that you will not immediately see at first glance. As far as Alden is concerned, I see him as one of the handsome guys GMA is promoting as I see him in a lot of programs.  Did not really take an interest as I find nothing special and in addition I find him too “clean”, too fair and too boyish and not really the type of man that I call as handsome.  I go more for the rugged, manly look like that of Piolo Pascual.

I saw a spark between the Maine and Alden and loved watching the replays of their early segments.  I took special interest in Maine and did a lot of research on line.  I discovered her blog and was hopelessly addicted to this young lady.  I love how she pours her feelings in her blog.  I see her as a daughter I never had especially as she took Culinary Arts in College.  I read everything that she has written, some blogposts I have read several times.  I follow the link featured by her classmate for her debut.  I became crazy as a fan for the first time.

My son, who at that time was waiting for a call to join a Cruise ship as a cook (he had Culinary Arts training and maybe someday will become a Chef), much to my surprise is also a fan of Maine.  I think that was late August 2015  when I went to Manila to attend a Seminar and was so happy to observe that a lot of people are hooked on AlDub.   I was calling my son to meet me at MOA as we will buy his luggage but he told me that he will come later….as they are still watching Kalyeserye.  Most of the people at his Tito’s house are males and they are watching Kalyeserye!!

Sometime in November I attended a Conference in Cagayan de Oro and out of  boredom (lousy first day conference), I started searching for Fans Club that are really for Maine.  I saw there is one in Iloilo and I messaged them and was immediately welcomed as a member :-D.  Imagine I became a member of a fans club at the age nearing senior year :-D.  I was not able to join the Christmas party but requested my niece to attend to I she can get my souvenirs.

Maine pillow

Love this small cushion.  My nieces and grandchild also wanted it but of course since it’s the only one, I have to keep it in my cabinet.  Then I started buy magazines, etc.

Initial fan souveniers

I bought the Yes Magazine and Reader’s Digest at the Landmark Makati magazine stand.  The person manning it gave me magazine with Alden on the cover.  I told him that I am only interested in Maine.  Even at that time when the ALDUB still ticks, and I still feel the chemistry between them, there is still that niggling feeling that Alden is not showing his true self.

When Maine wrote her blog regarding her thoughts after Tamang Panahon, I feel sorry for the loveteam.  Maine got a lot of bashing from Alden’s fans but I really understand her failed expectations.  There was a lot of hype before Tamang Panahon and Alden showed a lot of emotions during the program.  How come he did not do any move to talk to Maine, it was acting all along during Tamang Panahaon.  That was the time that my feeling regarding him strengthened.  I feel Maine’s talent is wasted pairing with a lousy loveteam.  If indeed it is all acting, he could have been honest enough to say that he is not yet ready to go into a relationship.  They can create all the kiligs they want in Kalyeserye or movies but should be honest that they are not together in private life…which I think is true.  Maybe GMA and TAPE is still cashing in on the popularity of ALDUB but your time is running out.  The fans are very perceptive (except for those that blindly idolize).  I was able to meet a lot of professional in Twitter that are fans of Maine. Just like me they don’t accept everything hook line and sinker…thus GMA and Eat Bulaga better wake up before you destroy the Golden Egg that you found.


My magazine collections. I already have a Meg magazine but its is still with a friend.

These past few days, I have observed that Maine’s reaction to Alden seem a bit cold.Yes My Bebe Girl, be yourself, that’s what most of your fans missed, the spontaneity of your reactions.  Don’t be let management imprison you into that loveteam that is going nowhere.  Even Kalyeserye episodes are shorter now.  We enjoy you more with the wacky trio of Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and of course Paolo Ballesteros.  Here you shine as the three really supports and love you.

You are always in my prayers that God will guide you every step of the way now that you are in show business.  Your parents are there but since they are busy taking care of their business they will not always be there to guide you.  Call on your friends and continue sharing your thoughts with them so that you will have an outlet.  Show business is a different world wherein reality is a blur.  Be very perceptive with people who give you advise most especially those who are so in love with the feeling that you and Alden are meant for each other.

Continue writing but please make another blog that is private and you can choose the people you want to share, those you can trust and will always be by your side.  I would still love to read those thoughts but I know that there is a limit to the things you can share in public.  This will help relieve stress, frustrations and other negative vibes that you encounter everyday.  Also please continue to update your current blog as your fans eagerly await something from you.

Lastly, this will be one of your most memorable birthdays.  It started today with the birthday cake you shared with the Sugod Bahay winner.  I will greet you on your real birthday on March 3rd.



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