The Sunday Currently No. 18

We just had our Surveillance Audit for the continued ISO 9001:2008 certification. It was a tiring two day Audit for me.  We had a Non-Conformity if the province..which should not be had the staff been more conscious of the processes and was listening attentively during meeting.  Same is true with that from two other provinces…imagine they forgot to include inputs to the Provincial Management Review Agenda.  Anyway, also I was busy tracking the events of Maine Mendoza’s birthday celebrations on the internet, twitter and instagram.

Reading still at first sight…not finished it as I was busy with the internet monitoring Maine’s birthday happenings.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening to the sound of the keyboard.  There is something wrong as it is quite hard to type…maybe needs cleaning.

Thinking of the latest happening between Maine and Alden.  Eat Bulaga had a good show for Maine’s birthday celebration last March 5, two days after her real birthday. Well, Alden did show that he Cares fir Maines, but again sorry I still can not accept that it is genuine feeling.  Yes he is also kilig especially when Maine’s family showed that they also like him.  He needs to show genuine concern for Maine and it should not be done when there is camera around. The sincerity was a bit diluted as there were info that they will be having a new movie soon…… this all for show to revive the waning charm of ALDUB.  This was further bolstered by new that they are going to Boracay….fans swooned that this is a surprise date of Alden for Maine…but again it’s not a date but a TVC shoot for Nestea.  Of course they did some personal gimmick as there are a lot in Boracay.  But would Alden really spend his precious time with Maine???  I am not convinced.  Sorry Maine, I know that deep inside you now there is something wrong.

Smelling ripe jackfruit.  I just love this fruit, just eaten fresh.

Wishing it will rain as it is so hot.  The plants are wilting but we also need to conserve water due to the current El Nino here in the country.

Hoping that our Strategic Planning will not push until Saturday as I will not have the time to go home.

Wearing as  usual my old clothes, sleeveless shirt and printed shorts.

Loving the way Maine’s fans surprised her with a birthday party last March 1.  If I am in Manila I will also attend the event.  Also loving the special way Eat Bulaga gave Maine a special celebration for her birthday.

Wanting to go to an air-conditioned room and sleep.

Needing to clean the house.

Feeling so hot and sweaty.

Clicking twitter to vote for Maine and instagram to see updates on sites that I follow.


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