First DTI-NIR Planning in Dumaguete City

President Aquino signed Executive Order No. 183 creating a Negros Island Region and for Other Purposes. The province of Negros Occidental now separated from Region (Western Visayas) and joined Negros Oriental to be Region XVIII or Negros Island Region.  The region with only two provinces.  For the interim implementation, DTI’s regional office will be based in Dumaguete City.

We will operationalize DTI-NIR this year with the setting up of the Regional Office in Dumaguete City.  All staff that will be assigned will be on a concurrent basis and hopefully there will be plantilla positions by next year.  We had out first Planning session last 10-11 March 2016 at One Bethel Place.

We were excited for the roadtrip which is about 5-6 hours.


We hired a van as there are ten of us and we can’t be accommodated in our official car.  It was fun, we left the Office after an early lunch, bought singkamas along the way, stopped by Milas for CR break and bought more food and drinks. We have to look for gas stations after Mabinay for more CR break.

view approaching Bais

Nice view while we are approaching Bais City.

One Bethany Place

Our home for the next two days, One Bethany Place in Dumaguete City.  This is operated by a religious organization, the place is clean, reasonably priced, good, food in the resto and liquor, smoking and eating is not allowed in the rooms.

back ribs dinner

Ordered back ribs for dinner.  The serving is quite big for me thus I shared most with the boys.  It was good but a bit too sweet.

pork chop

Rosie ordered grilled pork chops.  Good too and our order is unli rice too!

miriam our facilitator

Started our planning session with Miriam as our moderator.  First time yo work with RD Aster, the planning was efficient, she is very hands on, very firm with what she wants but also very supportive to the staff.  How I wish we had one like her before. She shared the things we need to do for the first semester of 2016 to attain the FULL SPEED AHEAD of Secretary Che Cristobal.


Our provincial counterpart in Negros Oriental treated us to a sumptuous dinner in their Office complete with entertainment.

beef stroganoff

                                                           Beef Stroganoff





The kinilaw is so yummy. the right acidity and spiciness.

Sax player

Saxophone Player entertained us during dinner

more singing

Sing a long after dinner

Thanks you very much PD Jong for the dinner.  We really enjoyed it.

We presented our plans for 20126 and 20127 the following morning.  There were some revisions and adjustments to level off the two provinces.  We motored back to Bacolod City right after lunch.  Also enjoyed the roadtrip back with lots of funny stories and more laughter.  Dropped by Kabankalan Pasalubong Center for CR break, bought more food and had coffee.

We arrived in Bacolod City at around 6:45 PM.  It was a good trip.



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