The Sunday Currently No. 19

What a hectic week.  Just posted our first DTI-NIR Planning in Dumaguete City.  I arrived home near lunchtime yesterday so I was not able to do a lot of housework.  In addition, it is too hot!! I just want to lie down in bed with the electric fan directly fanning me.  I do not want to turn on the air conditioner as it will surely make my electric bill shoot up.

Siddathorton has not updated her blog so I will still now be linking this post with hers.  Again, got the idea of the Sunday Currently from the blog of Maine Mendoza and how it is linked with that of Siddathornton.

Reading A Royal Duty…when will I finish this book?? There are still several that waits until I have the time to read them.  I have already finished the first Nicholas Sparks I read…At First Sight.  Not bad…did not expect the ending…but still it is not the type of book that I really enjoy.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening to the sound of the television coming from my room.

Thinking of how we can afford to buy a new vehicle.

Smelling the slow cooked adobo I cooked in a palayok.  Got the recipe from MarketManila.  Love the simple taste of the adobo.

Hoping to finish our proposal for Price Monitoring so we can submit to Region 7 for funding.

Wishing it will rain as it is too hot.  But this is wishful thinking as we are experiencing El Nino these days.

Wearing my uniform at home, sleeveless blouse and printed shorts.

Loving it that our internet and cable service are okay.

Wanting a cool place to sleep.

Needing to buy a new hose so I can water my plants.  But I do not know how to work on the connectors.  My eldest son does not now anything about this.  He is more into computer repair and the works.

Feeling so hot.  It will get hotter as the summer goes full swing.  I pity the plants as they are not regularly watered if I am not home.

Clicking twitter for any updates.  Twitter congratulated me as I have already 100 followers hahaha.  This followers are all because of ALDUB bwahahaha.


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