The Sunday Currently No 21

The Holy Week flew fast quickly.  It is so hot nowadays that I have not much housework.  There are still a lot of things to be sorted and arranged all over the house.  I do not want to move a lot because it too a few minutes I will be sweating and would feel very tired.

Able to do a lot of my religious activities this yea, two very early morning Via Crucis on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. For the first time after sooooo many years, I attended the Ester Vigil Mass. Very solemn ceremony of lighting the fire, preparation of the Paschal candle and lighting it with the fire earlier lighted and  going inside the dark church with only the Pascal candle lighting the way.  Thank you Lord  for the sacrifice and for the resurrection.

Reading the Royal Duty by Paul Burrel.  Very interesting tidbits about Royal life.

Writing earlier my blog about Good Friday and this blogpost.

Listening to the chirps of the birds outside. How I wish it will always be like this…It was more silent last Good Friday.  The people in the neighborhood really observed the Lenten season by turning off their blaring radios, stereos, TV etc.

Thinking of how it is so crazy to be a fan.  I still idolize Maine Mendoza despite all disappointments I encountered in her short stint as an actress.  This time I have learned to accept that she is now an actress and very much different from the girl I encountered in her blog before she became famous.  A lot of the fans I met on Twitter are angry as she has changed and some are saying that she is demeaning herself just to be with Alden.  This is especially true after she wrote her blog about their Boracay Escapade.  I have read her blog twice…yes it is a very candid (the way she always writes) expression of her feelings and thoughts during those days in Boracay.  I did not see any point in the blog where she demeaned herself or even threw herself at Alden.  I think she is just like any other fan or even girl who reacts naturally to a handsome guy.  But to say that she is in love with Alden…I don’t think so.  On the other hand, Alden is Alden….still prefers to do his work to be able to earn a lot for the things he wants.  I think it is true that he does not have that “feeling” for Maine.  A man who likes a girl will take every opportunity to be with her..whether he is busy or not.  They have been together for quite some time and if it is getting to know stage, he should have already gone to Bulacan. The Boracay escapade was a planned activity of GMA to bolster the waning effect of ALDUB. These are my thoughts about ALDUB…and I think Maine is wasted in a Love Team and is full of hypocrisy.  Sorry to all those ALDUB fans and Alden only fans.

Smelling the vinegar (sinamak) I used as dip for lechon.  I so love vinegar with bird eye chili as dip for anything. I abhor gravy and sauces as they mask the real taste of the food.  All you can taste is the gravy.

Wishing it will rain soon as I really pity the plants…all are almost dying despite watering morning and afternoon.  I really don’t water the plants that well as our supply might also be affected.  We do not know when the next rain will come.

Hoping that I will continue to have the zeal to work.  Lately I fell so depressed because of budget cuts in our BUB mobilization.  It is not my fault that mismanagement was done before I was transferred.  I am even the worst affected by the change as I am not spending more for my fares compared to my previous assignment.  Two more years and I will really retire….I was hoping that I can retire as a Career Executive Service Office but my previous two supervisors really botched up my performance rating by not approving targeted projects.

Wearing my house uniform, sleeveless blouse and printed walking shorts.

Loving the ceremonies this Lenten Season.

Wanting to stay in an air-conditioned room.

Needing more will power to do my work well. Please help me Lord.

Feeling the so hot weather.

Clicking earlier the blog of Maine Mendoza.

Siddathornton has not updated her post…I wonder why?


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