The Sunday Currently No. 22

A very uncomfortable weekend due to the heat.  Still now sign of rain…summer has just started and we still have a long way to go before the onset of rain.

Reading the Royal Duty..still halfway to go.  I can’t concentrate on reading because its too hot! There are a lot of insights on the lives of Royalty of the United Kingdom.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening to the children on the next house (my parents house where my sister now lives).  We are in one compound with three houses and the sari-sari store cum living area of my brother’s family.

Thinking of every Monday ordeal I have to go through.  I have to wake up at four o’clock, leave the house at 4:30 to catch the 6:00 Oceanjet going to Bacolod City.  I enjoy my job but its really a pain to wake up early, walk to the main road and take a jeepney to the City.  I have two vehicles at home both need repair.  If ever it is in running condition, I don’t drive and if ever I drive I can’t take the car to the city as I have to go to Bacolod.  Oh what a life….I also did this when I was assigned in Antique but most of the time my son takes me to the terminal every Monday and fetches me Friday evening.  Two more years and I will apply for retirement.

Smelling the ground beef torta I cooked for dinner.

Wishing…well at the moment I am not wishing anything.

Hoping that we will have a good meeting with our Regional Director this coming Friday.

Wearing as usual sleeveless shirt and printed walking shorts.

Loving kamonsil that I have eaten a lot …now my stomach is acting from too much eating this summer fruit.

Wanting to switch on the air-conditioner in my room!! ut I hate the feeling of sudden temperature changes whe you go out of the room…so no aircon…save on electricity bill.

Needing to sleep early……….

Feeling so tired because of the heat.

Clicking FB and chatting with my second son who working on a cruise ship now sailing towards Italy.  The other day they were in Barcelona.

Still not linking with Siddathorton as she has not updated her blog.


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