Sinaing Na Tulingan or Tambacul

This is inspired by an FB post regarding Sinaing na Tuingan and how it is cooked.  I have fond memories about this Batangas dish.  I have not eaten this when I was studying at UPLB most probably because I do not ave a dorm mate from Batangas.  The first time I tasted this dish was during a lunch with the Office-mates of my late husband at the Soils Laboratory of the College of Agriculture Soils Department.  My husband was working there as a Research Assistant while I was taking up my Master’s Degree at the AIM.  One can’t help but eat a lot as everybody is using their hands and the fish is so yummy especially if paired with crushed tomatoes.  I tried creating the dish but it was not really a hit with y family who fears eating tulingan as it might cause allergy.

When I was accepted for a scholarship in Germany, we had a five month preparatory Course here in the Philippines mainly German language course and other short seminars.  I have two classmates from Batangas where again I tasted this dish.  Susie would bring the Sinaing na Tulingan cooked by her landlady who is also a Batanguena.  Gina would bring pina-igang baby pusit cooked by her Mom.  This is adobong baby pusit cooked until almost all the sauce has evaporated.

It is timely that it is the season for tulingan, aloy and similar fishes.

Fresh Tulingan (Panit in Ilonggo)

Fresh Tulingan (Panit in Ilonggo)

With ingredients: Kamias (Iba), Batwn, Finger Chili Pepper, Onion. native Garlic and Ginger

With ingredients: Kamias (Iba), Batwn, Finger Chili Pepper, Onion. native Garlic and Ginger

This is not the pure Batangas recipe as I added batwan which is an Ilonggo ingredient.

My Palayok is ready

My Palayok is ready

Added pork fat at the bottom of the palayok, then added the cleaned, flattened and salted fish (one kilogram is three pieces of this tulingan). Then added all the other ingredients. Then I cooked it in charcoal for about an hour.

Charcooal cooked

Then I transferred the palayok in the  gas range so I can control the heat and cooked it for another hour.

Cooked Tulingan...does not look good as the f ish is too soft

Cooked Tulingan…does not look good as the fish is so soft..but tastes so yummy

I should have wrapped the fish in banana leaves so that it will not disintegrate but I was too lazy to get the banana leaves. The fish is so yummy that I have to control the urge to eat a lot rice.


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