The Sunday Currently No. 23

Yesterday we had a get together with my former classmates in high school to celebrate the birthday of Rose. There are a lot of new restaurants in Iloilo and we oped to eat at a new Korean Restaurant, the Arirang.  The food is okay, not really spectacular…I think the our favorite fast food before serves tastier Korean food. It was another great bonding with friends.

Reading still the Royal Duty…wheh will I finish this.  In Bacolod City I started reading David Baldacci’s Deliver Us From Evil.  I have three books waiting to be read there and here at home I think there are four.

Writing earlier my blogpost for Sinaing na Tulingan.

Listening to the hum of the refrigerator and the PC.

Thinking that I should now buy a domain for my blog. I am not an expert in blogging though I attended several training.  This really shows that if you do not use what you have leaned it will just evaporate.  I started the blog when I attended the first blogging seminar, then another one on Social Media Marketing and another one on a program specifically for blogging. I can not even remember the title of the training!  I think it has also became obsolete as there are now a lot of platforms one can use in blogging…no need to learn that system.

Smelling the Sinaing na tulingan I ate for lunch and dinner!  I over ate again and drank lots of Coke! Stomach development again.

Wishing I can control my appetite and stick to my diet.,  I lost weight when I was in Antique as I really stuck to very little rice, almost no softdrink but now I a in Bacolod I am tempted to eat as yummy food is so accessible.

Hoping that it will be cooler soon.  We had rain earlier this afternoon but it was not heavy and it even made the atmosphere so humid. I hope the chicken  being raised by my nephew in law will not be affected.

Wearing the usual sleeveless top and shorts.

Loving the sinaing na tulingan I cooked this morning!  I shared it with my siblings here in the compound.  The remaining I am going to bring it to Bacolod so that my officemates can have a taste.

Wanting to devote my time to reading but I have a lot of other things to do.

Needing to take care of my plants.  I bought two succulents yesterday and I hope not will not die.

Feeling so hot.. I am so lazy to bring the electric fan here in our sala.

Clicking recipes for Banoffe…I have one big hand of lakatan banana.  Maybe I’ll prepare one on Tuesday evening.


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