The Sunday Currently No. 24

It took several before I was able to go back to my blog.  My last post was last April!!! I have been too busy, and whenever I am home I am swamped with housework.  In addition, the second son arrived last July for vacation after 10 months aboard a cruise ship thus I have more clothes to wash, more plates to wash etc.

Reading – I have several [pocketbooks that I started reading but has not touch it for the past months.

Writing nothing…maybe just this blogpost.

Listening to a lot of sounds, a you tube cartoon, a game played by my nephew, the hum of the PC.  My son transferred the PC in our sala, beside it on a table was his laptop, and on the sofa my nieces playing with a celfone.

Thinking of our family day last Friday and Saturday.  Most of us were able to unwind the enjoy natures glory. I will blog it separately.

Smelling the food I cooked…pork with sprouted monggo, wild mushrooms, patola and pechay..favorite of my sons.

Wishing it will be a bit cooler.  It has not rained for several days and it is so hot!

Hoping that something can be done with the CESPES rating so that I can apply for appointment to a CESO rank and be one before I retire.

Wearing old clothes..thsirt and walking shorts.

Loving the friends I found in Twitter.  Maine Only Solid Fans :-D.

Wanting more time so I can clean and rid the house of a lot of clutter.  I have been wanting this for a long time but only got to clean one area of my cabinet.

Needing to go to a cooler place…its so hot!!!

Feeling happy and optimistic! I will be 60 soon…excited to get my senior citizens card.

Clicking Facebook and games I played..Criminal Case and Bejeweled Blitz plus some of the blogs I follow. Market Manila, Lia’s Food Journey and tales from the Heart.


Thanks to Siddathorton.


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