The Sunday Currently No. 25

This Sunday I have to wake up early to go to the Medical City Laboratory for blood extraction. I have not checked my blood chemistry for three years!  Since I have turned senior, I need a doctor’s medicine prescription to avail of a senior citizen’s discount.

When I looked out of the window it was so foggy!. As I walk to the jeepney terminal I feel the dampness and the cold.  It was creepy as I can not see several meters ahead of me.


Took this picture while I was already riding a jeepney towards the city.  During normal days one can see the rice fields and what is beyond the trees.

Reading the Hit by David Baldacci. It is an exciting novel but started with the usual killing done by a hired assassin.  I also started reading the Act of Treason by Vince Flynn but I forgot bring the book back at home.  Now I just realized that I bought the same book a few weeks ago.  I should have continued reading it.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening to the music played by the iphone of my son.  He is outside in our garage while I am here in our sala where our PC is.

Thinking about a lot of things that I need to do but I seem not to have the time and energy to do all of it.

Smelling the vinegar we used to dip the grilled fish we had for dinner.

Wishing I can be more firm with my son as I am always paying for their bills.  Their income is not enough to pay for their bills through my credit card.

Hoping that I can slowly put the house in order.  I am getting there little by little.

Wearing the usual attire at home, old tshirt and shorts.

Loving Maine Mendoza.  The young lady is so versatile. I am always including her in my prayers that she will not be taken advantaged of by people in showbiz and that her management will take care of her and her career.

Wanting to sleep.

Needing time to do a lot of things I want and of course the money to finance it.  I also need a lot of time to update mu blog.  I have a lot of topics and pictures for blogging but I also have a lot of other important things to do.

Feeling cold as the electric fan is directly blowing in my direction and it is raining outside.

Clicking earlier FB (playing Criminal Case and Bejeweled Blitz) and of course Twitter.  Enjoying Twitter with friends I met there all fans of Maine.  Also enjoying answering to crazy ALDUB fans.




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