Musings on Turning Sixty

2016 usher a new era in my life……Last September I turned sixty years old.  I felt the same except that the few aches I felt several months ago has intensified a bit.  My shoulder has been aching and I felt that the pain increases everytime I eat something that is high in uric acid.  I do not have this problem several years ago…but not its a reality.

No celebration on the exact date as I attended the opening of a Trade Fair wherein there was a special celebration with unique food prepared by renowned Chefs from Bacolod.  This included puto with KBL, dried batchoy and another one of bamboo shoots with cheese and other ingredients.  Not able to take any picture…I realized that I should have as those food are unique.  But sad to say, I did not enjoy any of the  three offering.  I enjoyed the cheese platter (made from local cheese) and assorted Ilonggo desserts.

I applied for a birthday leave on the Friday of my the week when I celebrated that special day. I applied for my senior Citizens Identification card at he local Office of Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) in our town.  I thought I can make it with only an ID but there are other requirements which thankfully I was able to comply.  A barangay clearance, facilitated by my sister. a cedula..a good thing I paid only P5 as I am already a senior citizen plus photocopy of my passport.

Enjoyed the benefits of being a senior citizen…discounted fastcraft tickets, P10 difference of my hypertension medicine and discounts in groceries and fastfood :-D.

But I can not ignore the constant pain in my shoulder joints, plus elevated cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Hopefully this will normalize as I started limiting consumption of my beloved CocaCola and other fatty food.


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