Goodbye 2016…Welcome 2017

New challenges were faced in 2016 with my reassignment to the DTI-Negros Occidental Provincial Office. I had mixed feeling regarding the new assignment as I was about to start a new challenge in Antique…transferring to a new Office space, launching of the first Negosyo Center, how our SFF projects will be implemented, how to be able to generated our KRAs. I became comfortable with my life there but I felt the two-hour travel affecting my lower back. The transfer to Negros Occidental was a blessing in disguise.

I faced new challenges in a new region, encountered problems with financial management as a result of the old administrations decisions which I need to solve and manage.  Working in a very dynamic province is quite easy aside from the fact that I was already assigned here in January 2005 till June 2008. We were able to accomplish what we have planned but I felt that we could have done better.  There are times I am tempted to do technical work but I have to restrain myself so I will be able to train my staff to do their work better and smarter.  I had mixed feeling sometimes when I felt we were left out from the activities in Region 6 but I am so thankful we have a very good RD for DTI NIR.  She pushes her provinces to deliver more but she also provided support not only on resources but by providing moral support and encouragement.  Thank you Lord for these blessings.  In all DTI Offices were I was assigned, I always worked for transfer to a new Office.  This also happened this year as our old location though very accessible, the building has become dilapidated and is not maintained.  It took quite sometime for use to look for a new space that can come up with our requirements at the budget we have.  We almost did not make it as there were delays in the construction and finishing of the area.  But again, Thank you Lord! We were able to transfer on Dec 1 despite that portion were not yet finished and we have to endure the dust and the heat.  We were able to launched our Negosyo Center on Dec. 6th.

Insert picture here. I was wondering why our PC can not access my iphone as I was doing it before.  Will try with the PC at the Office.

On the personal side, 2016 is a good year for me and my sons.  With God’s blessings, Mark was able to find a work that he enjoys at Reed Elsevier her in Iloilo City sometime in July after several attempt at working on-line. Our old internet was to slow for the requirements of most employers.  It was a good thing that our area in already fiber..we were able to shift to fiber connection with speed up to 50 MBPs.  The first few months we enjoined almost up to 100 as trial…it was quite expensive but it is worth it.  Thank you to PLDT Home Fiber. Mark adjusted well to his new work, though it is night shift the working hours is okay and his Office is very accessible from our place.  Jan on the other hand also adjusted well to his work at MV Britannia.  He was able to go to a lot of places and brought home lots of memories aside from lots of souvenirs. He really wanted that we buy a new car…and again I prayed hard if it is the right decision for us to get a brand new vehicle.  Both sons wants a pick up truck and it is quite expensive.  I am contented with an Avanza but they want a bigger one.  I was able to raise the amount for downpayment and we got our new Nissan NP300 Calibre in Savannah Orange.


My two sons getting our Nissan pick up.

There are trials and disappointments in 2016 but these are a breeze compared to what I have experienced before.  I never forget to thank the Lord for these blessings.

Praying that as we usher 2017, we will continue to get guidance from the Lord in every step that we take.  If its true that a good offer may be coming..maybe it is the right time for me to bid DTI goodbye.  But for the meantime, I am hopeful for 2017 that we will be able to accomplish again what we will be targeting.  I am praying that NIR will continue to exist and will have our own budget.


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