Good Friday 2017

This year’s Good Friday post will focus more on the Sto. Intiero.  In the morning my friends and I went around to do the Visita Iglesia cum Station of the Cross.

This year’s carroza is bedecked with yellow, white and red carnations.

The following pictures show the Sto. Intiero in the previous years.


Carnations in different colors adorn the carroza of the Sto. Intiero.  I was not able to take pictures while there was still light as I devoted the late afternoon to take pictures of the carrozas in Molo.


Its yellow roses for 2015. Below is the picture taken at  night with the Sto. Intiero and Dolorosa.


The picture is so bad (will look for a clearer picture on file if there is any)  I think I used my mini S3 fone here.  I am not sure if the flowers are carnations or roses.


This year’s flowers are red roses and white orchids.






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