The Sunday Currently No.29

Weekends are very tiring days for me as it’s the only time I am at home.  This weekend (long weekend) I took it slowly as I am not feeling well..attacked by allergic rhinitis and I do not have my spray.  Went to the doctor for followup of my hypertension and borderline blood sugar.  Drat I was made to repeat the labs as it was still last March!  I know all my lab results will probably be beyond normal limits so I did not have my blood extracted…maybe in the coming months.

Reading – nothing for the past several weeks.  I have several books that are in process of being read.  I am always in my computer or my smartphone.  Addicted to games – Criminal Case, Candy Crush (Level 663), Bejeweled Blitz.  Tried Everwing, its exciting but I prefer games that make me think.  Maybe there are strategies here but I have not fully explored the game yet.

Writing – nothing too.  If typing this blog post is this is it!

Listening – to the karaoke session of my neighbors.  No choice as the volume is up :-(.

Thinking – that I should pay more attention to my health.  Eat less, drink less coke (addicted) and do more exercises.

Smelling- adobo I am cooking for dinner yummmm more eating!

Wishing – my allergic rhinitis would go away. I took citirizine last night and I am a bit groggy today but it is not as strong as Iterax.

Hoping – I will be well tomorrow so that I can do more housework.  Need to sort a lot of things.  I was able to buy the cabinet I wanted for the kitchen and it looks better now.  There are still a lot of things that need to be sorted so there will be less garbage in the house.

Wearing – shirt and porontong shorts.

Loving – the feeling of the air from the electric fan.  I would have love it more if it is cooler air from an airconditioner.

Wanting – to sleep!!

Needing – sleep!

Feeling – sleepy


Thanks Siddathorton for this Sunday Currently.  I will not link up as you have not posted a new one.


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