Visita Iglesia cum Station of the Cross

We had our yearly (we started last year only) Visita Iglesia cum Station of the Cross with the single, senior BFFs yesterday morning, on the Good Friday.  Nera had already listed the fourteen churches we are visiting equivalent to the fourteen Stations of the the Cross.

1st Station Jesus is Condemned to Death – Carmelite Monastery Chapel in Sambag Jaro

Just like last year, they were preparing and decorating the Caro of the Last Supper for the afternoon procession.

2nd Station Jesus Carries his Cross – St. Joseph the Worker Church

Only took the picture of the Altar of repose from afar as they were having recollection/sharing just like last year.

3rd Station Jesus Falls for the First Time – Jaro Cathedral (Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral and national Shrine of our Lady of Candles)

Image of our Lady of Candles..they say the imagine has been growing.  I remember it was in an area in the wall and they said it has been removed as it has grown bigger.  I hope I can see an old picture of this image.

4th Station Jesus Meets his Mother – St. Clement’s Church

St. Clement’s Church is another church that has built a good Catholic foundation on me especially my devotion to the Novena of our Mother of Perpetual Help.  I use to hear mass hear with my Aunt as we live nearby.  This is also here that I attended my first Easter Vigil mass and I vowed I will not attend another one as it took so long and I was about to collapse due to sleepiness (I think I was about nine years old at that time). The sound of the Carillion every Sunday morning use to wake us up.

The blessed Sacrament is not anymore in the Altar of Repose.

5th Station Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to Carry his Cross – Lapaz Church (Nuestra Senora de la Y Buen Viaje)


6th Station Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus – San Jose Church

I have so many pictures of this Church as this is very near our Regional Office.  I use to hear mass everyday here at 7:00.

Altar of Repose with cover…I think the blessed Sacrament has already been removed as when we were there, they were about to start the mass confession.

7th Station Jesus Falls for the Second Time – Sta. Maria Catholic Church

Ever since I started the Visista Iglesia, I have not taken a good picture of the Altar of Repose in Sta. Maria Church as it is located in a room with glass doors.  This year they have air-conditioned the whole Church and at the time we were there they were having a Recollection.  The past year I think they were having confessions right in front of the Altar of Repose.

8th Station Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem – Sta. Teresita Church

I don’t know why they covered the Altar of Repose…I understand that the public can still visit the Altars on Good Friday up to 12:00 noon but Churches have different practices.

9th Station Jesus Falls for the Third Time – Tanza Church (Immaculate Concepcion Church)

10th Station – Jesus Clothes are Taken Away – Molo Church (Sta. Ana Church)

For the past years, Molo Church has no Altar of repose, this year I think they had but this was probably dismantled early as shown in this picture.

11th Station -Jesus is Nailed to the Cross – Dominican Sister of the Most Holy Rosary Chapel

12th Station Jesus Dies on the Cross – Tigbauan Church (San Juan Sahagun Parish)

The original structure was built in 1575 and withstood centuries but the interior was heavily damaged in 1948 during the Eathquake Lady Caycay.  Thankfully the facade remained and this has been preserved .

The back of the altar shows contemporary mosaic art depicting Jesus and his disciples with heaven, earth and hell.

                                                                                  At the back of the Alta of repose is one of the mosaic arts depicting different religious scenes.

13th Station The body of Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross – Oton Church (Immaculate Concepcion Church)

14th Station Jesus is Laid on the Tomb – Sto. Nino de Arevalo Church





Maundy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper

This is the first time after so many years that I missed attending the Maundy Thursday Mass of the last Supper.  I really did not want to miss it but it rained in the afternoon, I was a bit tired and had a nap. I woke up at around 3:30 pm and it was still drizzling…I was thinking that if I arrive in Church near the start of the mass I will not have any seat left.  Considering that I am already a senior…I do not have the stamina anymore to stand the whole time during mass.  Searched the internet for a live streaming the of mass and found out that there is one at TV Maria at 5PM officiated by His Excellency Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle at the Manila Cathedral.  Was able to watch the mass the whole time.  Then I remembered that I had pictures of the manila Cathedral when we visited the Intramuros last year.

That was the first time I have been to Intramuros…after all the years!!!

Facade of the Manila Cathedral


The Pipes of the Organ…and the Choir Loft

La Pieta


Details of the hardwood carved door

I was only able to get one picture during the mass and noted the ornate chalice and other things used during the mass.

I missed the procession of the Blessed Sacrament in our Church and I noted that our procession is much more solemn as almost everybody lights a candle and last years I was hesitant to take pictures.  I was surprised that in the manila Cathedral, there are no candles lit during the procession and everybody is documenting the procession of the Blessed Sacrament using different kinds of gadgets.  I hope that this solemn ritual in our Church will be maintained as the tent being used is still the original one during my childhood years.  The red has now faded into light reg orange but the grandiose of the cloth and the trimmings are still there.  It is so nostalgic.  How I wish there were pictures taken during the early years.

Chili Crabs

I wanted to cook chili crabs for a long time since I have read the posts of MarketMan at featuring his recipe.  This is their all time favorite especially when they are in their beach house. One thing that prevented me from trying our the recipe is that crabs are too expensive and I’m not sure if people at home will really like it.  I might end up eating all that I have cooked and of course the best alternative is bring it to the Office where surely some will like it.

There were crabs at the market last 31 Dec. but the sizes were small and costs P450/kilogram. Sorry forgot to take picture of the live crabs.  I put them to sleep in the freezer and plan to cook it in the evening.  But things got hectic with the preparations for New Year.  I am not preparing a lot of food for special occasions as I hate putting a lot of left overs in the refrigerator which most of the time are not eaten again.  As in my previous post our New celebration is Korean inspired…as of course we are going gaga over Kdrama and Kpop.  We had pork barbecue with only a few banchans as I was not able to go to the Korean store in Bacolod City.

I was able to cook the crabs the following morning…New Year’s Day. I cleaned the crabs and prepared the other ingredients,  it turned out quiet well and yummy!!!!

2017 about to end..Welcome 2018!!

2017 seemed to breeze in too fast.  Before we knew it…its New Year’s eve now.  Here am I writing this blog..listening to my favorite ABBA I will be playing their HAPPY NEW YEAR song in a few minutes.

This year is so hectic, doing a lot of things at the Office, catching up with activities and during weekends catching up with housework at home.  Despite these, 2017 is a good year though we encountered some problems with our budget for Negosyo Center a few days ago.  But there is no problem that we can not solve if we work together.

The FAM is getting closer and we enjoy a lot of activities together.  This Christmas and New Year despite simple preparations we really enjoy each other company.

Korean Inspired New Year Celebration

Our drinks…of course we have Soju!

Pork barbecue for adults and hotdogs for kids

Fruits (was able to complete the 12 fruits…of course I only oput the fruits that we will eat) plus the ever favorite Black Forest Cake

Twelve fruits (1.Pineapple 2. strawberries 3. kiatkiat 4. Naval orange 5. Ponkan 6. Chiesa 7. watermelon-yellow variety 8. Pear, 9. papaya 10. black grapes 11. lakatan banana 12. black grapes) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everybody!!!

Why KDrama?

As a senior citizen one might wonder why I am was hooked with these Korean Dramas.  Just like fangirling, I joined the bandwagon quite late.  I was wondering why a lot of people are swooning over these KDramas and most of the Korean actors.  Most are not really the handsome type based on Western standards same is true with the girls.

My first KDrama was Boys Over Flowers..I cant remember what year it was shown here in the Philippines but it was dubbed in Pilipino.

I was hooked starting from the first episode..story of poor girl meets haughty and proud rich boy.  Reminiscent of my high school and early college days where most of us were swooning over Mills and Boons and Barbara Cartland.  I replayed this Kdrama several times already and I still enjoy it.  This also started my admiration for Lee Min Ho and Geum Jan Di (until now I can not remember her real name…so hard to remember Korean names  its Ku Hye Sun.  Then there was a short focus on Lovers in Paris…but I was not really hooked.  After that, I totally abandoned watching these Kdramas.

Recently, my son was watching Legend of the Blue Seas and I was curious.  The lead actor is Lee Min Ho…and I was hooked again.  It is more convenient to watch almost everything on line.  These started my spending a lot of my evening watching until the final episode.  Then I searched for other dramas of Lee Min Ho and watched the Heirs.  Then I stumbled upon another pretty Korean actor Ji Chang Wook..and I became an avid fan.

I searched everything about him and discovered that he really adores his Mom…he gave his earning to her and she has a lot of pictures in his Instagram.  By the way I followed him in instagram! It was a bit disappointing as the time I discovered him he has already enlisted for his mandatory military service…so his fans will see his projects again in 2019!! First watched his KDrama, the Healer, the Suspicious Partner and Smile Again and K2.

The Healer, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young

So, why a lot of people love this KDramas?? I think these are some of the answers:

  1.  Plots are refreshing not bombarded with sex plotlines, though romance is in the story, they handle it so well that audience really feel the kilig. I noticed Korean actors respect their partners a lot as touching is limited and in most case the sensitive parts are avoided.  This can be a factor of the production, from the director but I have noticed this in almost all romantic KDramas.
  2. The stars look good and the chemistry is very strong despite lack of of the so-called LoveTeams that Filipino showbiz are crazy about.  In addition, it seems stars from different management are free to be in any drama as long as management agrees to the arrangement.  Unlike here where contract stars are barred from appearing in rival network.  It limits the creativity of the actors and most of the time audience has to contend to the old and lame LoveTeams.
  3. It clearly shows the Korean culture.  In Smile Again Donghae, the Korean all time favorite Kimchi was focused.  The process in making the dish, from selection of very good quality raw materials, the process itself, temperature control, packaging and how it can be used in other dishes.  As a food technology student, we were exposed to the production of Kimchi, we saw how it is done in Korea through videos and we prepared batches in the laboratory.   Is one KDrama, It is My First Life, marriage beliefs and traditions were highlighted and how the current young generation coped with antiquated mores and traditions so suit their lifetsyle.
  4. The audience picks up a lot from the drama, how the economy is run specifically when conglomerates are involved, influence of politics and how the justice and police system works.
  5. The pace of the story is fast enough so one wants to go on to the next episode, never mind if it is already three o’clock in the morning and I have to be up early for a travel. So unlike Filipino teleseryes where the leads sometimes get all the unlucky stars in the universe, drums of tears are shed, and venomous actions are done for revenge and the story keeps going round and round most especially if the ratings are high.
  6. The end of the story is sometimes unexpected, the same is true with twists and turns in the plot….thus after watching several episodes (for the completed dramas) I jump to the last episode.  I don’t want to watch a Kdrama where the leads die or go separate ways.  I want a feel good drama as indeed I want to be entertained.
  7. The production of the KDramas are very good, location wise and soundtrack is also very good despite the fact that I can not understand the language except for a few phrases here and there.  I also discovered that the actors and actresses are really good in their craft, a lot studied in the universities and most can sing very well.


Executive Leadership Seminar at the Holiday Inn and Suites Makati

Our Human Resource Administrative Service invited all third level official to attend an Executive Leadership Seminar to be conducted by Mr. Francis Kong.  Initially I did not really show interest as we have a lot of activities to implement.  But there were repeated emails from HRAS and I asked our Regional Director if I can attend the Seminar.  A few days before the Seminar, we got the administrative details as was surprised to know that the venue of our seminar is at the Holiday Inn and Suites Hotel in Makati.  I know that this is hotel is a bit pricey compared to the usual hotels where our seminars and workshops are we were excited.  This blog is not about the seminar but rather some sort of a review of the hotel.

I took the first flight from Iloilo and arrived in Makati a little after eight Sunday morning.  Took the airport taxi (I always take this to avoid the hassle with taxi drivers after I had a bad experience with an airport yellow taxi).  Rate from Terminal 2 to the hotel is P330.  The driver forgot that I do not have a big luggage thus he opened the back portion of the Adventure ..the  hotel crew were also surprised as I only have a backpack with me. I directed to the elevator and instructed to go up the lobby.  The hotel staff were very polite and accommodating.  There are not rooms available yet (of course check in time is at 3PM) thus I left my backpack at the hotel and walked up to the Greenbelt Chapel to hear mass.

I went back to the hotel at around 2PM and checked in….at 1420.  The room is very nice but I am very sensitive if there are carpets and would immediately detect if these are properly cleaned and maintained.  Sad to say the carpets in the corridors and in the rooms are musty…but not so that it made me sneeze..tolerable but disappointing for the hotel that charges more than P7,000 for s standard room.  I do not know how much our office paid..maybe they were able to get discounts.

Two double beds..very comfortable

Instant coffee, tea and bottled water

View from our room

Table setting at Flavors where breakfast are served

We went down for our breakfast at Flavors.  When we entered the restaurant, there was I think a lady in the reception but did not ask or assist us to be seated so we went inside and looked for a vacant table.  We saw this table and was about to sit when a waiter asked us if we were assigned to that table.  I asked him if there are table assignments as nobody assisted us. He asked for our room number and then I asked him regarding table assignment..only to be told that we can sit at that table. I was looking around for a waiter so we can ask for coffee…it seems it is not self service as there are two coffee stations with ladies busy preparing coffee.  I decided to first get my food..finished my fruits and still there was nobody to ask for coffee.  The crew seemed harassed as there are a lot of guests. Anyway, I approached the lady at the coffee station and asked if we can be served four coffee….she did not answer but just looked at our table.  I took it that she got my order.  When I returned to the table, nobody dished out our used plates thus my companion took her plate and gave it to a waitress and pointed to the table to get my used dish.  Another companion came back to the table so pissed off as another lady answered her a bit impolitely regarding dishing out our plates.  I told her to put it on the floor if nobody will get it…it was also about the time a waiter arrived at our table with coffee (ordered by another companion as the coffee I ordered never came).  He asked if there is problem and we told him about an impolite waitress.

 Buffet Breakfast..egg and noodle station plus cooked dishes


He probably gave the feedback to the lady as she came to our table and gave two slices of mango to my roommate. She told the lady that we did not ask for the mango and is not interested to eat one but she told us that it is for her/us.  Well, to appease a customer after treating her badly?? If I will be paying for my hotel accommodation I will not book in this hotel again.  The housekeeping and front lobby staff are very good though.  They need to train more their staff at Flavors or maybe add more staff if there are a lot of guests.

The Sunday Currently No. 31

It took me quite a while to go back to my blog as I am preoccupied in watching Korean Drama.  I was wondering why a lot seems to be hooked with this KDramas.  I was introduced by my son to the Legend of the Blue Seas and of course I am hooked as the lead actor is my favorite Lee Min Ho.

Reading still The Dogs of War by Frederick Forsyth.  I have been reading this for a long time as I go through only a few pages at a time.  There are so many things that I need to do and most of the time I am in the internet.

Writing nothing…..

Listening listening to the laughter of my nieces in the other house and also to the video my son is watching in my room.

Thinking of things that I need to prepare as I’m going back to Bacolod City early in the morning.

Smelling the newly cooked fried tuna for our dinner.

Wishing there are more than 24 hours in day so that I can do more things and of course more strength to do it.

Hoping that I can stick to a healthier diet so I can lose weight.

Wearing very old sleeveless top with my shorts.  My blouse is so old, almost in tatters but I love wearing it.

Loving the effect of the Face Shop serum I have been using for my face. Also loving all the K dramas I am watching.  Found a new KDrama idol Ji Chang Wook… Love all his Dramas but he is in military service now so he will be able to come up with new one mid 2019.

Wanting clean the house but there are just so many things that I still need to sort out.

Needing a new prescription for my hypertension medicine.

Feeling a bit sleepy….but I still have a lot of things to do.

Followed this from the blog of Siddathorton


Isla Higantes Weekend

These group of islands in northern Iloilo have been famous for the past years as more visitors discovered the beauty of the islands, the beaches and of course the bountiful seafood.  My son wanted to visit though I am wary as the seas are a bit rough during the Habagat season.  We planned to go on a weekend…so target is 23-24 September 2017.  On September 22nd, I had an official trip to Roxas City and the weather was overcast, sometimes raining and generally gloomy.  I’m not confident that we can push through with our trip. In the afternoon, it rained so hard and there is a low pressure developing off Surigao area.

I have requested our part time driver to find a resort and other arrangements for us.  We were given costing of P6,500 for pumpboat good for 20 which includes trip from Bancal port in Carles to Isla Higantes, island hopping and trip back to Carles.  Too expensive for us as we are only 10.  An officemate recommended that I contact Arjan Resort at 09999918643. It was a good thing as he informed me that there is a passenger pumpboat that leaves Carles at 10AM and fare is only P80.00. Though it is still raining, we prepared for the trip though I feel that it is quite dangerous as the seas might be rough and we might be stranded in the islands!  The whole night it was raining…at 5:30Am I texted everybody that we are cancelling the trip.  A few minutes later my son told me that forecast says there are no rains…and of course I checked the low pressure area..low chance of developing into a typhoon. The rain has stopped though the sky is still overcast.  I again texted everybody that we are pushing through the trip.  Left our place at past 6AM then proceeded to the City to pick up Mity and Titin.  We left Iloilo City  at around 7AM. Our driver is familiar with the road and I am confident that we can be at Bancal Port before 10AM.  We have no breakfast except for Mity ann Titin who were able to eat at McDonalds.  I have loafbreads and SPAM that I was panning to make into sandwiched but since I was not sure that we can go I just brought the all our baons.  Jan cooked ang walang kamatayan na adobong baboy. Our vehicle is a pick up truck so we cant all fit inside…thus Mity, Titin, Ericka and Yanyan was at the back together with all our bags…all ready with trapal in case it rains. Thank did not rain!!!

Roads to the north are now very good with some areas already having four lanes..but the woe in travelling are the too many motocycles that are the king of the roads.  We arrived Bancal Port in Carles at 9:55!! It was a good thing there are still spaces for us in the pumpboat.  Fare is at P80 plus enviromental fee of P75 per person. Since we were the last to board, we opted for the first seats in the pumpboat although I know that waves will really hit us as there are no tarps.  We all are in high spirits despite the cloudy skies.

The pumpboat is a bit small but we are all excited.

Simple rooms with two double and two single beds for P2,500.

Its off season, we practically occupied the resort with a family on the other side.  The boys immediately decided that they will sleep in the hammocks outside.

We ordered lunch for 10, sinigang na isda and buttered/sauteed scallops and of course we have our adobong baboy. While waiting for lunch everybody had a very late breakfast of loafbread and palamans.

Off for Island Hopping.  Pumbpoat at P2,000.00 including a tour guide.

That’s US!!!

Scallops at P1.00 a piece!!!


Sea Urchins at P15/piece



Eating seafood in the Sandbar

Our guide (sorry forgot the name) is expert in getting pictures!

All set for our Banana Boat Ride


Picture after our Banana Boat Ride

The Beach in front of the resort is not good for swimming but there are lots of crabs especially at night.

Pumpboat to Estancia

The following day, we will be going back to Iloilo City and the passenger pumpboat leaves at 3PM for Carles.  This is too late for us as we will reach our place at past 8PM.  We inquired how much is the rate for a pumpbaot and it is P3,500!!! It was a good thing we were informed that a passenger pumpboat leaves for Estancia at 8AM.  WE decided to proceeded to Estancia and Clint will get our pick up in Carles.

We arrived in Estancia at past 11AM, ate lunch and waited for our pick up arrive.

There are very few fishing boats arriving and their catch are pitiful..very small  fish, there was even a baby shark!!

All of us enjoyed our short trip to Isla Higantes.  Though the seas were a bit rough going to the Islands, we really enjoyed our stay and siland hopping as there were not too many tourists.  There were only a few pumpboats going on island hopping so we have more time to enjoy the place.  It was a bit sad (though its okay with me) as the Tangke area is closed.  For those who would like to visit Isla Higantes you can get in touch with Arjan Resort.



The Sunday Currently No. 30

I have a lot of topics that needs to be blogged, lots of pictures to be included but I really do not have the time to sit down and add to my blogs.  It is a good thing that I discovered the Sunday Currently…at least I have something to add to this blog once in a while.

Reading – I have not touched any of the books that I am currently reading.  In fact, I added another one, about the story of a Geisha..I brought the book with to Manila a few weeks ago when we had several activities but I always spend a lot of time in Twitter and the games I am currently playing that reading books!!

Writing – this blog.

Listening – Listening to the sound of lizards and the sound of our santol falling on the roof of our garage! I realized that it is so quiet in our neighborhood this evening.

Thinking – of the coming expenses that I need to face once my son is in between his cruises.  I have to handle the amortization payments of our pick up!

Smelling – the conditioner that I used after dyeing my hair.

Wishing – that I can do more things but I am not as young and I can not do a lot of things nowadays.  But this weekend I achieved a lot. Cleaned our refrigerator including all the ref magnets that we have accumulated.  Sad that Colosseum ref magnet of my son fell and the sides were broken…I have to buy glue to I can rescue the pieces. Had our pick checked in for maintenance, our two old airconditioner cleaned (by an expert of course), did a lot of laundry, etc.

Hoping – we can implement all our projects successfully.  So thankful that our first NIR MSME Summit was a success.  Thank you Lord!

Wearing – an old sleeveless shirt and printed walking shorts.

Loving – that I have accomplished a lot this weekend.

Wanting – to eat but I am getting fat…I think I lost a few pounds this week but gained it back this weekend.

Needing – needing to loose weight.  I think the food supplement RD Aster recommended is very good its MAXGLX…I do not get tired easily.

Feeling – good!!

No link again to Siddathortorn as she has not updated her blog.


The Sunday Currently No.29

Weekends are very tiring days for me as it’s the only time I am at home.  This weekend (long weekend) I took it slowly as I am not feeling well..attacked by allergic rhinitis and I do not have my spray.  Went to the doctor for followup of my hypertension and borderline blood sugar.  Drat I was made to repeat the labs as it was still last March!  I know all my lab results will probably be beyond normal limits so I did not have my blood extracted…maybe in the coming months.

Reading – nothing for the past several weeks.  I have several books that are in process of being read.  I am always in my computer or my smartphone.  Addicted to games – Criminal Case, Candy Crush (Level 663), Bejeweled Blitz.  Tried Everwing, its exciting but I prefer games that make me think.  Maybe there are strategies here but I have not fully explored the game yet.

Writing – nothing too.  If typing this blog post is this is it!

Listening – to the karaoke session of my neighbors.  No choice as the volume is up :-(.

Thinking – that I should pay more attention to my health.  Eat less, drink less coke (addicted) and do more exercises.

Smelling- adobo I am cooking for dinner yummmm more eating!

Wishing – my allergic rhinitis would go away. I took citirizine last night and I am a bit groggy today but it is not as strong as Iterax.

Hoping – I will be well tomorrow so that I can do more housework.  Need to sort a lot of things.  I was able to buy the cabinet I wanted for the kitchen and it looks better now.  There are still a lot of things that need to be sorted so there will be less garbage in the house.

Wearing – shirt and porontong shorts.

Loving – the feeling of the air from the electric fan.  I would have love it more if it is cooler air from an airconditioner.

Wanting – to sleep!!

Needing – sleep!

Feeling – sleepy


Thanks Siddathorton for this Sunday Currently.  I will not link up as you have not posted a new one.