The Sunday Currently No. 31

It took me quite a while to go back to my blog as I am preoccupied in watching Korean Drama.  I was wondering why a lot seems to be hooked with this KDramas.  I was introduced by my son to the Legend of the Blue Seas and of course I am hooked as the lead actor is my favorite Lee Min Ho.

Reading still The Dogs of War by Frederick Forsyth.  I have been reading this for a long time as I go through only a few pages at a time.  There are so many things that I need to do and most of the time I am in the internet.

Writing nothing…..

Listening listening to the laughter of my nieces in the other house and also to the video my son is watching in my room.

Thinking of things that I need to prepare as I’m going back to Bacolod City early in the morning.

Smelling the newly cooked fried tuna for our dinner.

Wishing there are more than 24 hours in day so that I can do more things and of course more strength to do it.

Hoping that I can stick to a healthier diet so I can lose weight.

Wearing very old sleeveless top with my shorts.  My blouse is so old, almost in tatters but I love wearing it.

Loving the effect of the Face Shop serum I have been using for my face. Also loving all the K dramas I am watching.  Found a new KDrama idol Ji Chang Wook… Love all his Dramas but he is in military service now so he will be able to come up with new one mid 2019.

Wanting clean the house but there are just so many things that I still need to sort out.

Needing a new prescription for my hypertension medicine.

Feeling a bit sleepy….but I still have a lot of things to do.

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The Sunday Currently No.29

Weekends are very tiring days for me as it’s the only time I am at home.  This weekend (long weekend) I took it slowly as I am not feeling well..attacked by allergic rhinitis and I do not have my spray.  Went to the doctor for followup of my hypertension and borderline blood sugar.  Drat I was made to repeat the labs as it was still last March!  I know all my lab results will probably be beyond normal limits so I did not have my blood extracted…maybe in the coming months.

Reading – nothing for the past several weeks.  I have several books that are in process of being read.  I am always in my computer or my smartphone.  Addicted to games – Criminal Case, Candy Crush (Level 663), Bejeweled Blitz.  Tried Everwing, its exciting but I prefer games that make me think.  Maybe there are strategies here but I have not fully explored the game yet.

Writing – nothing too.  If typing this blog post is this is it!

Listening – to the karaoke session of my neighbors.  No choice as the volume is up :-(.

Thinking – that I should pay more attention to my health.  Eat less, drink less coke (addicted) and do more exercises.

Smelling- adobo I am cooking for dinner yummmm more eating!

Wishing – my allergic rhinitis would go away. I took citirizine last night and I am a bit groggy today but it is not as strong as Iterax.

Hoping – I will be well tomorrow so that I can do more housework.  Need to sort a lot of things.  I was able to buy the cabinet I wanted for the kitchen and it looks better now.  There are still a lot of things that need to be sorted so there will be less garbage in the house.

Wearing – shirt and porontong shorts.

Loving – the feeling of the air from the electric fan.  I would have love it more if it is cooler air from an airconditioner.

Wanting – to sleep!!

Needing – sleep!

Feeling – sleepy


Thanks Siddathorton for this Sunday Currently.  I will not link up as you have not posted a new one.

The Sunday Currently No.28

My posts are not as frequent as I really want it to be but there are a lot of other things that I need to do aside from updating my blog.  I missed writing the Sunday Currently editions and I missed Siddathornton’s.  Visited her blog and was happy that she is back.

Reading Frederick Forsyth’s The Dogs of War.  Been reading it for quite sometime..only a few pages at a time as I easily get tired..or maybe I start reading when I am already very tired.  I left this book at home and I have not gone home for three weeks! Busy with summer activities.

Writing nothing…maybe just this blogpost.

Listening to the You Tube my nephew is watching in the next table.  I really don’t know what he is watching and cant even understand .. its just the sound of someone talking.

Thinking of our next summer escapade in Boracay. It will be a long roadtrip ..more than five hours plus 1 1/2 hours travel via fastcraft from Bacolod City…but I am looking forward to enjoy our activity.  Boracay is so crowded but I still love the beach.

Smelling dried small dilis that I ate with my dinner.  Actually it more in my imagination. A bit disappointed as the batch I bought is a bit salty.  Tried it with my lettuce salad last night too.

Wishing it will be a bit cooler.  It is so hot and humid these past few days.  How I wish it will rain tonight.

Hoping I will have time and energy to do a bit of housekeeping tomorrow.  Though it is a fiesta (yearly festival) but I have not really been celebrating since my husband started hemodialysis.  I do cook a bit and of course hear mass but we have not invited people to our home.

Wearing my old tshirt and walking shorts…my attire at home.

Loving my relatively new washing machine.  It really made my washing day not so tiring as when I was doing handwashing or using my old washing machine.  I did four loads today! One for light colors, one for dark colors, one for blankets and bedsheets and last for the whites.  I have already folded all the clothes that do not need ironing.

Wanting to sleep in an airconditioned room but just thinking of the electric bills skyrocketing…makes me endure the heat.

Needing to clean the house! I have been saying this for so long but I seem not have the energy to do it especially in this heat.

Feeling so hot even if the electric fan is blowing directly.

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