The Sunday Currently No. 20


The Holy Week is fast approaching and the heat is also becoming unbearable. Today is Palm Sunday..not ale to join the blessing of the palms and the procession as I have been attending the Saturday anticipated mass for quite some time now.

Writing this blogpost.

Listening to the Presidential Debate on TV 5.  Luchie Cruz seem a neophyte moderator among the Presidential candidates that love insulting each other.  I have my own candidate but I can not write it here as I am a government employee.  I might be accused of electioneering.  The debate easily became a talkshow.  Sad…issues are not answered directly and most would rather insult the other candidate.

Thinking how unlucky the Philippines would be if one of the three of these candidates will win. I am praying that the person I will vote will indeed be the right person to be the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Smelling the conditioner that I used after dyeing my hair.

Wishing I can catch the 6AM trip to Bacolod City tomorrow.

Hoping I will be able to do more housework this coming Holy Week.  After of course doing my Visita Iglesia and taking of pictures of the Pasos in Molo.

Wearing houseclothes..old blouse and shorts.

Loving the way my Presidential candidate answer the questions.

Wanting to sleep in an air-conditioned room.

Needing to sleep early so I will be able to leave by 4:30AM for the city.

Feeling so hot!!

Clicking Twitter and FB.


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